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107. La production officielle des différences culturelles

State Production of Cultural Differences
automne 2017
Cultures & Conflits
176 pages – 19,50 €
ISBN 978-2-343-13540-3

Ordinary discourses on “interculturality” or “cultural insecurity” tend to present the social world as if it was composed simply of people with fixed and confrontational cultures. This special issue is certainly concerned with the “cultures” of immigrants and colonized populations. But it focuses on the role of officials or political actors in the production of cultural differences that tend to typify social reality and often spread simplified and culturalist representations. It intends to reintroduce the role of state agents and their intermediaries, who constantly classify and prioritize cultures through their practices, into the analysis of cultural policies. This issue focuses on the fact that the “cultures” of immigrants and their descendants are the subject of many descriptive and prescriptive discourses which contribute to the alteration of certain fringes of the popular classes. The contributions gathered here point to the shortcomings of existing sociological literature that discusses the question of cultural differences without considering the unequal distribution of the classificatory capacities of social agents.


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