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About Coulisses

Founded at the University of Besançon in 1990 by Lucile Garbagnati, with the assistance of Gisèle Geschwind-Holtzer, the journal aimed to review the activities of the University Theatre and theatrical performances in the area, as well as to encourage exchanges between the world of university research and that of practical theatrical creativity, in response to a desire to establish links between the different aspects and practitioners of theatre in the region. A pioneer among university theatre journals, Coulisses aimed to be general, with a playful aspect, as evidenced in its different layouts, and gradually took shape under its several headings and its mix of reports, reviews and interviews. Since 2005, the journal became clearly more academic, with learned articles grouped by theme, comparative literature concerns, as well as paying particular attention to the presentation of play texts.

Coulisses published 44 issues until 2012 and is followed by Skén&graphie.

Latest issue
5 | Hiver 1992

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