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Documents pour l’Histoire du Français Langue Étrangère ou Seconde is published by the SIHFLES (Société Internationale pour l’Histoire du Français Langue Étrangère ou Seconde). It deals with historical aspects, questions of linguistic and educational policy, questions of foreign language theory, teaching methods and acquisition, inventories of manuals—grammar books, dictionaries, theoretical works, and bilingual works, etc—and authors who have made an impact in this area of research during the period from the Renaissance to the 1970s, in all countries where France has been taught as a foreign language.

Latest issue
52 | 2014
Grammaire et enseignement du français langue étrangère et seconde - Permanences et ruptures du XVIe au milieu du XXe siècle (II)

Actes du colloque tenu à Raguse les 7-8-9 juin 2012 - seconde partie
Edited by Nadia MINERVA and Gisèle Kahn
Editor's notes

Responsable de l'édition en ligne : Evelyne Argaud

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