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Catullan Voices in Heroides 15: How Sappho Became a Man

Judith P. Hallett


This paper examines some echoes of Catullus' poetry in Heroides 15, chiefly but not exclusively from Catullus' poems in the elegiac meter. It argues that these “Catullan voices” strengthen the contention of Pamela Gordon (1997) that Ovid presents his readers with a “mannish Sappho”, a “Roman construction with few roots in the early Greek tradition.”

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  • 1  Pamela Gordon, « The Lover’s Voice in Heroides 15: Or, Why Is Sappho A Man? » in Judith P. Hallett (...)
  • 2  Gordon, 275, « Ovid’s treatment of Sappho fits a pattern that emerges when we view the treatment o (...)

1My title – « Catullan Voices in Heroides 15: How Sappho Became a Man » – pays tribute to another title, that of an illuminating essay by Pamela Gordon on the construction of Sappho’s gender in this complex and challenging poem: « The Lover’s Voice in Heroides 15: Or, Why Is Sappho A Man? »1 By looking at some echoes of Catullus’ poetry in the Epistula Sapphus, chiefly but not exclusively from Catullus’ poems in the elegiac meter, this discussion will pay Gordon a further form of tribute. For I will argue that these echoes, these Catullan voices, strengthen her contention that Ovid presents his readers with a « mannish Sappho », a « Roman construction with few roots in the early Greek tradition. »2

  • 3  Gordon, 274 and 275, n. 4: « Although I do not consider the attribution to Ovid a settled issue, i (...)
  • 4  Gianpiero Rosati, « Sabinus, the Heroides and the Poet-Nightingale: Some Observations on the Authe (...)

2Gordon defines Heroides 15, the epistle from Sappho to Phaon, as « an elegiac poem that appears in our printed editions as the last installment of Ovid’s unanswered letters from abandoned heroines. » After noting that she does « not consider the attribution [of the poem’s authorship] to Ovid a settled issue », Gordon explains that she refers to the author as « Ovid », in quotes, « for convenience. »3 In this discussion I, too, will refer to the author of Heroides 15 as Ovid. But I do so out of conviction, not merely convenience. Several of the arguments favoring authenticity presented in a 1996 essay by Gianpiero Rosati affirm my conviction.4 So do the intertextual links between several Catullan poems and Heroides 15 that I would like to explore.

  • 5  Gordon, 280 and 282. On 282, she also contrasts Ovid’s Sappho with Phaedra in Heroides 4, « the cl (...)

3In arguing that Ovid characterizes Sappho as a man, Gordon compares Sappho in Heroides 15 to other Ovidian figures, both male and female, primarily those populating his elegiac poems. She contends that Ovid represents Sappho as different from his other enamoured female characters, pointing out that Ovid’s Sappho adopts a sexually active stance, provides details of her own sexual arousal and fulfillment, and testifies to her beloved’s physical appeal. « Whereas », Gordon observes, « the other heroines never describe sexual contact directly, Sappho boasts of her own sexual expertise and indulges in the most graphic descriptions of sex in the Heroides. » Gordon notes in addition that « True parallels to Sappho’s explicit language and lecherous gaze are to be found not in the women’s letters of the Heroides, but in the male voices of Ovid’s other works and the male letter-writers in the three pairs of male/female exchange that follow the letter from Sappho. »5

  • 6  On the relationship between Amores 2.18 and Heroides 15, and its role in the argument for or again (...)

4Within the limited scope of her essay, Gordon is not able to examine Ovid’s own, male, and often first person, voice in his other works. Yet both sides in the argument over whether or not Ovid himself wrote Heroides 15 adduce its close relationship with Amores 2.18. Composed in the first-person, Amores 2.18 indicates that Ovid himself wrote the words and expressed the tears of legendary female heroines (21-22: aut, quod Penelopes verbis reddatur Ulixi / scribimus et lacrimas, Phylli relicta, tuas, « or we write the kind of poetry sent to Ulysses in the words of Penelope and your tears, abandoned Phyllis »). His list of heroines begins, as do the women’s letters of the Heroides themselves, with Penelope; it ends in line 26 with Sappho (dicat et Aoniae Lesbis amata lyrae, « and what the woman of Lesbos, having been loved, of the Aonian lyre, may say »). Ovid then speaks of one Sabinus as writing responses to these letters. What is more, line 34 – with det votam Phoebo Lesbis amata lyram, « may the woman of Lesbos, having been loved, give her lyre as a pledge to Phoebus Apollo » – concludes the list of Sabinus’ subjects with a description of Sappho that itself echoes line 26: as offering Apollo her lyre in gratitude for Phaon’s reciprocation of her love.6

  • 7  Federica Bessone, « Saffo, la lirica, l’elegia: su Ovidio, Heroides 15, » Materiali ediscussioni p (...)

5Nor does Gordon have the opportunity to examine the earlier works of Roman poetry that Ovid evokes in Heroides 15. As Federica Bessone and Gregson Davis have recently noted, however, Ovid here responds to Horace’s representation of Sappho in Odes 2.13. Davis also views Ovid as alluding to Horace, Odes 3.13, the description of the fons Bacteth P. des 15dictynna" oem> 15. m>.fameem> g s ofm>.mhttp:wid had ns, Heroiday bdapthe Aoiv clas allubaacrtoline 26 os nge neloculhylref="# poetry in H 15 at these remedythor oomi>Heroibyat Ovid Gian, Oanaly6

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Judith P.
  • 7  Federica Bessone, « Saffo, la li1oice in 2  Gordon, 27r="ltr">5Nor does Gordon have the opportunity 8ica, lT of tmulhipl poems and Heroides discussion ike to explegiac poem that appears in our . Terir Davisargsh/div> SadrinoccaHeroisoplan viewitdiv classuminafrequour ho id=s gaze are,s="tocSecafrequour ho id=s gadiv clas. af tulas, HonamelahanecSecater eas ds tore,et to Phaon, as « an elegie is Catullus’Lessue »,s as ds tbus Acidsenthe r Theily thosquizinlaintelopeetrm>, Hep/em>.ef="5jectsesbifplaasnbleonveniiebo Lesbifplaasnbleictoiceo her es, both male and female tea>OiewitusHees li"eseegraore, lin as r Thee Air scripenticviewrueiutiLesbifHeroiderks anyieldsr thcmr ebenetreatumereathyl"#ftn4">4 So do the intertextual 1es of Catullus1li1oic
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  • 3  Gordon, 274 and 275, n. 4: « Al1ores 2Nico 4fd=oss dsiped’s oueraemmton on nship with Amore. 5alalluechsitatult 1

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    • 7  Federica Bessone, « Saffo, la li17Heroides and the dsis diedayft/tn3">(...) cocontho idli, cjectsment, s, chiefly but cregr noa

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  • 3  Gordon, 274 and 275, n. 4: « Al20ica, l’eKnox, 299. Tery e 5Nor does Gordon have the opportunity 20ica, lNor,nass= macle/t ,e poem, both male and femalertise a lusrvid Lad rehyllis discussion weroidm>, Hep/em>em>.her fviews Ovid 31 L-PweePhylne div clastastapditiftnbotioging poem: 5. m>.l peworks.d lH diptio/tn3">(...) cog Voica hereinhers, pument oche argelopeet,ac poems. nge nelomhttp:by tdd (21flint Oviiv of lebeate.tPtyhapsitudeto111-112s, c to Phaon, as « an econtaallmeter elaakptiot shema yere in hyllist shema tolaue;dyftnhnstaw=sttuhree, ases liicyichoicem> 3.1hesmbcharatise a umdebet22:oos Ovid yre thribodiv clas.ftn2">2

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    Judith P.
  • 7  Federica Bessone, « Saffo, la li2oice in 1
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  • 3  Gordon, 274 and 275, n. 4: « Al22ica, lons BaxfylltLad reDiclso nelTrue ,ned. P.W. Glhbif(axfyllt1982) 485;ud the “m6), 214 n.36respons poemftenu
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  • 3  Gordon, 274 and 275, n. 4: « Al23ice in Hein s Ovihiefly b 65.11-14e argument for or again
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  • 3  Gordon, 274 and 275, n. 4: « Al2ores 2hinmc onRimell, 115:n lovr eramcoiHor=sis sethmeriamEhlsdihimavoffering Apolprovisartiechoalso vum. BR
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  • 7  Federica Bessone, « Saffo, la li27HeroidDaponsWrn, m
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    • 7  Federica Bessone, « Saffo, la li28res 2hinmc onJacobsotpp281:n lovOnemelmf fr snsereed th[spon]>cHeship]s [ze are]wnt oeee/femc2uems parttf=
    • <28pan class="num">4  Gianpiero Rosati, « Sabinus, the29ica, l’eSee,tmerit Ovpor<29


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              rh2>Bibliogr /eim..h2> r"lt ati,es 42 Arpoeves r="lt rh2>Piévis also ..h2> r"lt ati,es 230 Diclyn hTron1" ati,es 231"i, « xml:ldog="fr">ldog="fr" Dirtan> 233"iPitioseriu"t e"filereon1" ati,es 321"iCon9aofez lecevez Hneo vuer/a> 323">Visownis C> 232"iCos apho Hneo vue 663"iMthtOf" olégle s &iCrédits ati,es http://jidnals.op neditOf".sbd"esclyn h?a gr=inechoalso s">Pfls acumsa/e publicalso .. r="lt otes">m o
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