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José MATTOSO, dir., The Historiography of medieval Portugal (c. 1950-2010)

Lisbonne: Instituto de Estudos Medievais (Estudos, 2), 2011, 631 p.,
ISBN: 978-989-97066-3-7

“The plan is, therefore, to bring a significant number of texts tant present, or contribute to defining, the “state of the art” archivied to date by recent historical production in the subjetct areas considered. These texts have two objectives: first, ti summarize briefly, ans from a critical perspective, the progress made by recent research, the problems outstanding, including possible shortcomings in the investigation, ans, secondly, to demonstrate perspectives for the future, either in line with what has been archieved, or with any changes in methodology or in the bases of interpretation”. José Mattoso, “Preface”
“Here it is the final result of that effort, available to all scholars of the Middle Ages, for their work, for their criticism ans as a stimulus to go beyong what is presented here”. Editor’s Note.

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