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N°82: What’s new about New France?

Études Canadiennes/Canadian Studies N°82 (June 2017)

The editors of the journal Etudes Canadiennes/Canadian Studies seek papers (in French or in English) that explore the ways in which doctorate students or established scholars have renewed our perspectives on the history of New France (1534-1763) over the past ten years. Topics might range from colonial societies to French imperial governance, from connections with the Atlantic world to the arts, as well as the relationship with the natives.

We expect to read contributions in which authors demonstrate how they believe their research revisits the “traditional” historiography on New France (from Canada to Acadia, from Newfoundland to Louisiana and beyond the Great Lakes) or to the contrary develops new trends.

The editors would like to receive proposals (250 to 300 words) which provide a working title and a brief overview of the article’s aims, along with a short biographical note (100 words) in the same .doc sent to :

cc to :

Deadline for submitting a proposal is February 15, 2017. Selected proposals will receive a go-ahead shortly afterwards.

Full articles (about 8000 words) will need to be submitted by May 15, 2017.

After a peer-review process, selected articles will be published in a printed form in issue 82 (June 2017) of Etudes Canadiennes/Canadian Studies followed by an electronic publication on in June 2018.

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