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New approaches to the post-Soviet space – until January 19, 2014

Editor: Licínia Simão

The deadline for submission is January 19, 2014

In the post-Cold War context, the study of the countries and societies of the former-Soviet Union has been characterized by great diversity. From International Relations and Political Science to Anthropology or Economics, different study areas have looked at the profound transformations undertaken by these societies. To the extent that the communist system had previously defined every aspect of life in society, the end of this ideological model undoubtedly inaugurated new choices, power struggles, and processes of identity transformation. Over the last decades, the relevance of the post-Soviet space as an analytical category has also been questioned, considering the highly differentiated paths undertaken by each of the former-Soviet republics. Determining to what extent the shared Soviet experience has conditioned (and still conditions) the paths of these states remains a fundamental aspect to post-Soviet area studies.

This special issue of e-cadernos ces aims to gather contributions on the social, political, and security dynamics in the post-Soviet space that add critical and new dimensions to these debates. Our goals include identifying the emergent analytical approaches on regional transitions, with a particular focus on the transformation of political institutions in a post-Communist context; their integration into regional and global governance structures; the sustainability of new social-economic models; and the transformation of violent regional conflicts. Proposals should address these and other relevant themes that illustrate the challenges faced by these societies in the current context. We particularly welcome critical approaches which shed new light on concepts and readings of the region, and analyze differentiation patterns as well as similarities, thus contributing to the analysis and understanding of the ongoing transformations.

e-cadernos ces is a peer-reviewed, online and entirely open access journal, published by the Center for Social Studies in Coimbra. The journal is currently indexed in CAPES, EBSCO and Latindex. For more information about this publication see

Texts should be presented in final version in Portuguese, English, or Castilian. Manuscripts may have from 50 to 70,000 characters with spaces, including notes and references. For the final section, @cetera, other manuscripts may be submitted (up to 35,000 characters), such as interviews and discussions (up to 25,000 characters) or book reviews (up to 5,000 characters).

Detailed guidelines for submitting texts are available at Manuscripts should be sent by email to and authors should clearly identify the thematic issue in question – “New approaches to the post-Soviet space”.´

All manuscripts will go through a blind peer review process.

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