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Access to family and children law and justice: what kind of challenges in the 21st century? – until February 15, 2014

Editors: João Pedroso, Patrícia Branco and Paula Casaleiro

The deadline for submission is February 15, 2014

Access to law and justice is not self-effective nor politically neutral, and it neither is the panacea for social transformation, but it does have a central and pivotal role in contemporary democracies. Consequently, the lack of effective access to law and justice is thus a lack of participation, transparency and accountability. Nevertheless, in the context of an accelerated transformation of the western families as well as a mutation of the respective family law, subjected also to a process of high intensity globalization, there has been, in contrast, a transformation (and even a setback) of low intensity globalization of the political and legal systems of access to law and justice. This discrepancy increases the gap between the family and children laws and the practices of inequality and vulnerability, particularly of women and children in the domestic space, which means that access to law and justice, in this area of social conflict, has to be seen not only as a social right capable of compensating such inequalities but also as a factor for social change.

This thematic issue of e-cadernos ces arises as an expression of the debate work and state of the art deepening developed in recent years by the organizers within the research projects funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, as well as in several International Conferences. The issue aims to gather contributions on access to family and children law and justice, bearing in mind the changes occurred in society, in law and in the application of justice with mutual implications. The articles must examine the main challenges to access to family and children law and justice in the 21stcentury, taking into account fundamentals such as: social and economic inequalities, transformations occurred within family(ies), as well as in family and children laws, legal aid schemes and other related issues.

We also accept book reviews (2 to 4 contributions) of recent works dealing with the issues under consideration. These reviews will appear in the section @-cetera.

The e-cadernos ces is a peer-reviewed, online and entirely open access journal, published by the Center for Social Studies in Coimbra, Portugal. The journal is currently indexed in CAPES, EBSCO and Latindex. For more information about this publication:

Texts should be presented in final version, in Portuguese, English, or Castilian. Manuscripts may have from 50 to 60,000 characters with spaces, including notes and references. For the final section @cetera, other manuscripts may be submitted, such as interviews and discussions (up to 25,000 characters) or book reviews (up to 5,000 characters).

Detailed guidelines for submitting texts are available at Manuscripts should be sent by email to and authors should clearly identify the thematic issue in question – “Access to family and children law and justice: what kind of challenges in the 21st century?”.

All manuscripts will go through a blind peer review process.

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