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28 | 2005
Organisation, dispositif, sujet

Organization, Structure, Subject
Edited by Thomas Heller
Études de Communication 28 - Couverture
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Credits : GÉRiiCO, CEGES, Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3
ISBN 2-9514961-6-8

Do the changes that have been affecting productive organizations for the last twenty years put an end to the content and logic of the disciplinary structures as analyzed by Michel Foucault? Is there something particular about the current structures that is associated with these changes? And what does the meeting between desire and governments, which seems to characterize modern management, tell us about the place of the subject in the organization to the extent that it is not made up of disciplines. Études de Communication proposes a critical review of productive organizations from the point of view of power structures and their implication in the construction of the subject. In so doing, what is questioned is the interest of Michel Foucault’s work in understanding and analyzing the transformations that arise to a large extent from the domain of information and communications, and the transformations whose logics extend to other spheres of social life and touch the meaning of citizenship and individual and collective existence.

Editor's notes

Comité de lecture de ce numéro : Annette Béguin (Université de Lille 3), Arlette Bouzon, Jean-Claude de Crescenzo (Université de Provence), Patrice de la Broise (Université de Lille 3), Pierre Delcambre (Université de Lille 3), Michèle Gellereau (Université de Lille 3), Brigitte Guyot, Thomas Lamarche (Université de Lille 3), Bernard Lamizet, Catherine Loneux, Stéphane Olivési, Bruno Ollivier, Bruno Raoul (Université de Lille 3), Jacques Walter.