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25 | 2002
Questions de terrains

Questions on Fields
Edited by David Vandiedonck and Émilie Da Lage
Études de Communication 25 - Couverture
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Credits : GÉRiiCO, CEGES, Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3
ISBN 2-9514961-3-3

 How can we analyze and transcribe the specific relationships everyone has with his or her “field”? Is not any attempt at objectification of an experience necessarily a form of betrayal? Undoubtedly, this question varies as a function of the history or path of the researcher: confrontation with otherness and discovery, questioning of one’s own practices, responses to the “randomness” of a request . . . In other terms, does the researcher work “on,” “with,” or “for” his or her field?

Each relationship to the field, each methodology used will construct a reality: these are the abductive constructions that this issue will explore. 

Editor's notes

Comité de lecture de ce numéro : Stéphane Benassi, Sylvaine Connord, Hubert Cukrowicz, Emilie Da Lage (Université de Lille 3), François Debruyne, Patrice de la Broise (Université de Lille 3), Bernard Delforce, Elisabeth Fichez (Université de Lille 3), Michèle Gellereau (Université de Lille 3), Thomas Heller (Université de Lille 1 et Université de Lille 3), Jean Mouchon (Université de Lille 3), David Vandiedonck (Université de Lille 3).