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24 | 2001
L'interprétation : entre élucidation et création

Interpretation: Between Elucidation and Creation
Edited by Patrice de la Broise and Joëlle Le Marec
Études de Communication 24 - Couverture
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Credits : GÉRiiCO, CEGES, Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3
ISBN 2-9514961-2-5

Interpretation is based on two fundamental logics: scientific logic—processing data, hermeneutics, elucidation—which is involved in the construction of knowledge, and creative logic—intervening in the real at the service of action. How can a historian of science stage them, theatrically or museographically? How can a specialist in writing confront his or her own text? How is research reinterpreted in teaching situations? Communications studies have no catalog of possible meanings, but ask capable research-actors to use their reflexive point of view to develop articulations between elucidation and creation.

Editor's notes

Comité de lecture de ce numéro : Judith Barna, Stéphane Benassi, Patrice de la Broise, Olivier Chantraine, Yves Chevalier, Emilie Da-Lage-Py, Nathalie de Voghelaer, Bernard Delforce, Elisabeth Fichez, Michèle Gellereau, Thomas Lamarche, Jacques Noyer, Bruno Raoul, David Vandiedonck, Patrick Charaudeau, Axel Gryspeerdt, Yves Jeanneret, Soeren Kolstrup, Armand Mattelart, Bernard Miège, Pierre Moeglin, Jean Mouchon, Erik Neveu, Roger Odin, Michael Palmer, Jean-François Tétu, Thierry Watine, Uli Windisch, Yves Winkin.