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2-3 | 2014
L'orientalisme des marges

Eclairages à partir de l'Inde et de la Russie
Edited by Philippe Bornet and Svetlana Gorshenina
Couverture EDL 2014/2-3
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416 pages - 30 CHF
ISBN 978-2-940331-35-2

Through a number of cases forgotten by postcolonial critique, this book explores the notion of “margins”, geographical as well as epistemological, in the context of Saïd’s orientalism. Bringing together the Anglo-Indian case, often considered as a classical form of orientalism, and the Russo-Soviet case, both an object of Western orientalism and itself a producer of orientalist discourses, the study invites a shift in perspective from imperial Franco-British spaces towards less traditional comparisons. Going beyond a binary model, which opposes “colonizers” and “colonized”, the approach analyzes the mechanisms of knowledge production (arts, languages, literatures, religions etc.) and their transfers in colonial settings, as well as local appropriations and (re)inventions of hybrid traditions. Crossing perspectives in such a way helps to analyze the ambiguity of situations that unfolded during and after periods of imperial domination in the triangle of India, Russia and Europe.

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