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Think-tanks and associations

  • In 1994, a group of intellectuals began to publish a quarterly strategic studies journal, Avrasya Dosyası (Eurasian File), in Ankara to fill the gap they felt existed in Turkey when it came to a regular publication dealing with international relations. The Europe Asia Union Turkish Economic-Social and Cultural Research Foundation (Avrasya-Bir Foundation) was established in Istanbul in 1993. Its aim was to conduct research on Turkish society from economic, social, political, and cultural perspect(…)
  • ANKAM is an independent research center focusing on Turkish domestic and foreign policy issues as well as Turkey's surrounding regions. Its origins trace back to the immediate aftermath of the disintegration of the Soviet Union when a group of young academics formed the Research Group at Bilkent University, Ankara. As a result of the broadening and diversification of research interests as well as the need to become more institutionalised, ANKAM was formed in May 2003. It aims at building Turkish(…)
  • FPI was founded in 1974 as an independent research organization to study issues related with Turkish Foreign Policy. During the past twenty one years it has enlarged its activities to cover strategic and regional studies and international affairs.Languages : Türkçe, EnglishAvailable online : activities, conferences, publications (ordering possibility), position papers.
  • İKV, araştırmalar ve konferanslar aracılığıyla Türkiye-AB ilişkileri hakkında kamuoyunu bilgilendirmenin yanı sıra, ekonomik entegrasyonun temelinde yer alan firmalararası işbirliğini geliştirmeye yönelik bir çok projeyi de hayata geçirmiş ve yürütmüştür.Language : TürkçeAvailable online : faaliyetler, toplantılar, yayınlar
  • The Human Rights Association was established by 98 human rights defenders in 1986. the Association investigates and makes known to individuals, to the public and to the relevant authorities human rights practices in Turkey. It conducts or commissions scientific research studies and surveys in connection with human rights and makes known to the public developments in this field. It organizes public debates, conferences, seminars, all sorts of meetings and demonstrations, exhibitions and competiti(…)
  • KÖKSAV Hükümet Dışı Teşkilât statüsüne sahip gönüllü bir kuruluştur. 1991’de kurulmuştur. KÖKSAV, akademik çalışma gruplarıyla temel sosyo-kültürel incelemeler yapar. Türkiye ve dünya ölçeğinde ortaya çıkan meselelerin çözümü yönünde, alternatifleri ile birlikte uzun vadeli stratejiler üretilmesine çalışır.Language : TürkçeAvailable online : Faaliyetler, yayınlar listesi
  • Middle East Institute (Externer Link)
    Since 1946 the Middle East Institute has been an important conduit of information between Middle Eastern nations and American Policy makers and organizations. The Institute has worked to increase knowledge of the Middle East among US citizens and to promote understanding between the peoples of the Middle East and America. Today we play a vital and unique role on Middle Eastern issues by carrying our work beyond the beltway and by working actively with organizations in the region itself. The Inst(…)
  • The NATRI is a research and consulting institute housed at Portland State University. It aims to carry out academic research and private and public sector contracts on topics pertaining to contemporary business, economics, finance, and politics in Turkey and the Turkic world, to provide strategic, technical, economic, and political supervision for businesses, to organize international conferences and meetings. This interdisciplinary group of individuals covers a wide range of expertise in macroe(…)
  • SAV; kendini "Bireyin, kitlelerin, toplumsal katman ve sınıfların yaşama aktif bir biçimde katılmasını sağlamaya yönelik bir bilgi taşıyıcısı" olarak tanımlar; toplumda ve üyeleri arasında dayanışma duygu ve bilincinin geliştirilmesine özel bir önem verir. SAV, Toplumsal yaşamın tüm alanlarına ilişkin olarak her türlü araştırmanın ortam, kurum ve araçlarını yaratmayı, her türlü araştırmayı yapmayı, bu araştırmaları her türlü iletişim aracını, ortamını kullanarak yaymayı ve sürekliliğini sağlamay(…)
  • TESEV is an independent think-tank, which forms a bridge between academic research and the policy-making process. TESEV carries out research based on scientific principles, and seeks to share its findings with the widest possible audience. TESEV aims to expand the role of civil society in the democratic process; and to promote Turkish convergence with the EU. Its main areas of activity are governance and transparency, democratisation of Turkey, foreign policy and international relations.Languag(…)
  • The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 1990. TİHV currently carries its activities on two basic projects. First, the purpose of the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers Project is to provide treatment, rehabilitation and social assistance to torture survivors and their relatives for their torture related problems. Second, the TİHV has established a Documentation Center in Ankara in 1990. The Center preserves a reliable source of inform(…)
  • TURKSAM is a think-tank created in March 2004. It follows Turkish and world affairs throught experts who can speak regional languages and provides readers with foresight and analysis. Its area of interest includes Russia, Ukraine, Caucasus, Central Asia, Iran, Middle East, Turkey, Cyprus, EU, the USA, Far East and the issues of energy, nuclear terrorism, ethnic conflicts etc.Language : Türkçe, English, Russian.Available online : reports and documents on TURSAM areas of interest.
  • Revues de presse ; nombreux rapports de qualité sur la situation économique, sociale et politique du pays. Possibilité d’abonnement à la lettre d’information hebdomadaire.Language : English, Deutsch, TürkçeAvailable online : Newsletter, speeches, press releases, brochures, reports in full text
  • Founded in 1985, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy is a public educational foundation dedicated to scholarly research and informed debate on U.S. interests in the Middle East. Through a comprehensive program of research, seminars, conferences, publications, and study tours to the Middle East, The Washington Institute provides policymakers, diplomats, and journalists with fresh thinking and "new ideas" to promote peace, security, and stability in one of the world's most volatile regio(…)
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