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11 | 2014
Ville et révolution en Égypte

Edited by Roman Stadnicki
Couverture EMA n° 11 - Ville et révolution en Égypte
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Credits : cliché Enrique Klaus
ISBN 978-2-905838-84-1

The three years that have gone by since the January 25 revolution have offered us the opportunity to observe urban actors amid the political transition in Egypt. How do public authorities, urban planners, and citizens take part in the dynamic of change that was sparked in 2011? What shifts on the political and professional scene can be noticed? What evolutions in the modes of action?

Mobilizations, contestation of urban policies, the reinvention of urban practices: this issue investigates urban dynamics in light of the deep political and social changes that have been shaking Egypt since 2011. It scrutinizes the mutation happening in the urban actions and imagination while the country experiences a critical moment of its modern history.


This issue is available in open access on Cairn platform.
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