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  • > Society for Renaissance Studies 8th Biennial Conference

    Event Date: 
    03 Jul 2018 to 05 Jul 2018

    University of Sheffield


    Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

    • Prof. Stephen Campbell (Johns Hopkins)
    • Prof. Lyndal Roper (Oxford)
    • Prof. Emma Smith (Oxford)
    • Prof. Feisal Mohamed (CUNY)


    The SRS Conference is an interdisciplinary event for scholars working on the period c. 1400-1700. Areas of study represented at previous conferences include archeaology, architecture, history of art, history, history of science and medicine, literature, music and philos...

  • > SRS Book Series

    This series is dedicated to the exploration of the many cultures of knowledge, learning, reading and performing in the Renaissance and Early Modern world (c.1400-c.1700). We invite high quality proposals for monographs and edited volumes from across the wide range of existing and possible future fields of Renaissance and early modern studies.


    The series is interdisciplinary, comparative and global in its outlook. We welcome submissions from new as well as existing fields of Renaissance S...

  • > Space, Place and Interface: Being in the Early Modern World

    Event Date: 
    23 May 2018 to 24 May 2018



    Centre for Early Modern Studies, Exeter

    Postgraduate Conference



    Keynote Speakers: Professor Vanessa Harding (Birkbeck, University of London); Dr Chris Laoutaris (University of Birmingham)


    The Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Exeter is pleased  to  announce  our  third  annual  postgraduate  conference. This two-day conference will explore all aspects of spaces, places and  the  interfaces  between  them  as  they  wer...

  • > Crossing Boundaries: confessional, political and cultural interactions in early modern festivals and diplomatic encounters

    Event Date: 
    30 Apr 2018 to 01 May 2018


    Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge


    Call for Papers:


    In the early modern world, festivals and diplomatic ceremonial often involved the movement of individuals and courtly retinues across borders. They could therefore serve as sites of interaction between religious, political, linguistic, visual, musical, literary, theatrical or material cultures. Often these interactions were accompanied by underlying tensions, which could be made more or ...

  • > Literary Form After Matter, 1500-1700

    Event Date: 
    22 Jun 2018


    Shulman Auditorium, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford


    Call for Papers:


    How do we understand form at a time when the materials of Renaissance literature seem to “matter” more than ever? Responding to a renewed interest in the forms of texts and textual objects c. 1500-1700, this one-day conference will ask two related questions: What do we mean by literary form now, and has the material turn helped or hindered us in figuring out what it is?


    We aim...

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