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La Revue d’ethnoécologie

Revue d'ethnoécologie


Revue d’ethnoécologie publishes original research papers and short communications in the general area of ethnoecology, that is to say relations between human societies and their natural environment, in historical, intercultural, and comparative geographical perspective. By natural environment, we mean the other living species, both animal and plant, as well as ecosystems, and their transformation, management and preservation.
We encourage the researchers to propose articles, in particular those who present the interdisciplinary search results, putting in relation cultural and environmental factors in the study of human societies, with a predilection for precise ground studies, whose center of their concerns are knowledges and practices about biodiversity and environment, the techniques and their evolution, without neglecting their importance for the scientific, social but also political questions.
We welcome also works about "traditional" agriculture and breeding, agrobiodiversity, natural resource techniques of utilization, and of course the traditional and local knowledge, the classifications and categorization of natural objects. Articles proposing methodological contributions will be also welcome.
What is favored here, it is neither the method of study nor the discipline but "the object": the human societies and their environment, by starting from the society. Therefore, manuscripts can come from diverse disciplines such as ethnoecology, ethnobiology, ethnology, social and cultural anthropology, cultural geography, human ecology, ecological anthropology, political ecology, agronomy, economy, history, ethnobotany…, as far as the cultural axis in the relation to the environment is visible.

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