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To Rise Again, Revising The Republic

Theo Dorgan
p. 135-147

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en novembre 2018.

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If we situate the Irish struggle for independence, and the eventual emergence of the Irish Republic, in a lineage of Republics achieved by revolution, we think naturally of the French and American republics as predecessors. Unless we examine the matter carefully, it is fatally easy to consider that the Irish Republic, like its antecedents, was the outcome of a successful revolutionary process. This is to risk glossing over the not inconsiderable difficulty that Ireland, to my way of thinking, never experienced a revolution. The four essential components of revolution are these: a developed revolutionary thesis that proposes a new politics, a leadership cadre capable of leading and developing the pre-revolutionary politics, a military element capable of defeating the incumbent power should that prove necessary, and finally a significant degree of popular assent to the revolutionary project once the bid for power has finally been launched.

I believe that Ireland presents an interesting...

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Theo Dorgan, « To Rise Again, Revising The Republic », Études irlandaises, 41-2 | 2016, 135-147.

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Theo Dorgan, « To Rise Again, Revising The Republic », Études irlandaises [En ligne], 41-2 | 2016, mis en ligne le 30 novembre 2018, consulté le 21 janvier 2018. URL :

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