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Intimations of Mortality: Stewart Parker’s Hopdance

Marilynn Richtarik
p. 93-103


Le dramaturge nord-irlandais Stewart Parker (1941-1988) a aussi écrit des poèmes et de la prose expérimentale. Son roman autobiographique Hopdance, qui parle de l’amputation de sa jambe gauche lorsqu’il avait 19 ans, fait l’objet d’une édition critique élaborée par sa biographe Marilynn Richtarik qui sera publiée chez Liliput Press en 1917. Cet article propose une introduction à Hopdance, œuvre jusqu’alors inédite qui met en lumière les préoccupations artistiques de Parker.

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en juin 2019.


The text of Hopdance
A reading of Hopdance

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Born in Belfast in 1941, Stewart Parker is best remembered today as one of the most accomplished Irish playwrights of the twentieth century. I spent the better part of twenty years researching and writing a critical biography of him that, by its very nature, emphasizes the author’s human existence at a particular time and in specific places and argue, implicitly, that these were determining factors in the writing he produced. As a scholar, then, I am intimately engaged with the theme of this issue in at least two senses: the embodiment of the (Northern) Irish author, and the body of his work. Hopdance mattered crucially to Parker in both of these aspects, but it remained unpublished and, indeed, unfinished when he died in his late forties. It is a phantom limb that exerts a constant, invisible pressure on his corpus. In 2017, for the first time, readers will have the opportunity to encounter this work, in an edition compiled by me and published by The Lilliput Press in Dublin. In th...

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Marilynn Richtarik, « Intimations of Mortality: Stewart Parker’s Hopdance », Études irlandaises, 42-1 | 2017, 93-103.

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Marilynn Richtarik, « Intimations of Mortality: Stewart Parker’s Hopdance », Études irlandaises [En ligne], 42-1 | 2017, mis en ligne le 29 juin 2019, consulté le 17 décembre 2017. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/etudesirlandaises.5133

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Marilynn Richtarik

Marilynn Richtarik is a Professor of English at Georgia State University in ­Atlanta and the author of two books published by Oxford University Press: Acting Between the Lines: The Field Day Theatre Company and Irish Cultural Politics 1980-1984 (1995) and Stewart Parker: A Life (2012). The Lilliput Press will publish her edition of Parker’s autobiographical novel Hopdance in 2017.

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