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Presentation, Direction and Editorial Board

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1Founded in 1926, Géocarrefour (formerly Etudes Rhodaniennes and later, Revue de Géographie de Lyon) is one of the oldest French geographical journals. It is published by the "Association of the Friends of the Revue de Géographie de Lyon".

2Fairly representative of French regional geography and its evolutions, Géocarrefour (“Geo-crossroads”) is open to the various subfields of geography and welcomes contributions from close disciplines like urban and planning studies, social sciences and environmental sciences.

3The journal publishes thematic issues on original topics, be they regional studies or innovative issues. Its editorial policy also consists in publishing single significant contributions in the varia as well as in-depth reviewing of the latest developments in the field of geography.

4The editorial board mainly originates from Lyon and Saint Etienne geographers. It chooses each issue’s theme and the journal’s editorial orientations. The journal’s scientific advisory committee is composed of recognized scholars chosen for their scientific expertise on the question. It assists the editorial board in peer-reviewing the submitted papers.

Former directors

5André CHOLLEY (fondateur), André ALLIX, Maurice LE LANNOU, Jacques BETHEMONT, Nicole COMMERÇON

Directorial Committee

6Director : Christian MONTÈS, Université Lumière Lyon 2

7Deputy-Directors : Anne HONEGGER, Université de Lyon, CNRS, Environnement Ville Société, Eric VERDEIL, Université de Lyon, CNRS, Environnement Ville Société

Editorial Board

8Jacques BONNET, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, Emmanuelle BONÉRANDI, Ecole normale supérieure Lettres et sciences humaines, Bernard BRET, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, , Vincent CLEMENT, Ecole Normale Supérieure – LSH de Lyon, Nicole COMMERÇON, CNRS UMR 5600 Environnement, Ville Société, Lydia COUDROY de LILLE, Université Lumière - Lyon 2, Olivier DESLONDES, Université Lumière - Lyon 2, Jacques DONZE, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, Bernard ETLICHER, Université Jean Monnet - St-Etienne, Christine JACQUEMINET, Université Jean Monnet - St-Etienne, Thierry JOLIVEAU, Université Jean Monnet - St-Etienne, Stéphane HERITIER, Université Jean Monnet - St-Etienne, Isabelle LEFORT, Université Lumière - Lyon 2, Michel MIETTON, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, Bruno MORISET, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, Brigitte PROST, Emeritus Professor, Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3, , John TUPPEN, Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble 1.


9Marie-Laure TREMELO, CNRS UMR 5600 Environnement, Ville Société

Secretary of Redaction, Marketing

10André BUISSON, Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3

Scientific advisory committee

11Click on the link in order to view the scientific committee of the volume you are interested in.

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