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The “Cahiers du GRM”, published by the “Groupe de Recherches Matérialistes”, constitutes a biannual review dedicated to the publication of diverse works concerning the vicissitudes of the vast and contradictory group of concepts, discourses and practices which, inspired by Marxism and Communism, have deeply impacted the last two centuries, even though their history tends to become hardly decipherable today. The articles concern the results of several investigations aiming at a rational anamnesis and a critical re-appropriation of the meaning carried by the body of revolutionary theory, marxist, communist as well as anarchist, in the 19th and 20th century. The “Cahiers” is composed by a "Thematic dossier", a section “Varia” and of “Reading Notes”.

Latest issue
12 | 2017
Matérialités et actualité de la forme revue

Edited by Thomas Franck, Caroline Glorie and Alain Loute
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