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137 | 2013

Histoire de l'éducation n° 137
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Credits : Photo Jean Chamoux (1925-2007). Tous droits réservés.
16,5 x 23 cm - 190 p.
ISBN 978-2-84788-498-2

Histoire de l’éducation is a history journal devoted to formal and informaleducation in France and abroad founded in 1978. It is designed to give access to the best of research in this field, contribute to stimulating scientific activity and promote a history of education in line with the methods and demands of this discipline through papers, scientific notes of topical interest, reviews and book reports edited in its four issues a year, including two special issues.Histoire de l’éducation is intended for both historians and researchers in other education-related disciplines as well as for teachers, teachertrainers and those who seek to understand current educational problems through the study of the past.