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1281 | 2009
France-Brésil sous l'angle des migrations et de l'altérité

Différences et similitudes
Coordinated by Abdelhafid Hammouche

With the year of France in Brazil in 2009, the journal takes this opportunity to evaluate in a comparative perspective the research on migration and interculturalism in both countries. This new record of the journal highlights the intellectual affinities that unite Brazilians and Franch in the field of social sciences. If Brazil was the first field study of Claude Levi-Strauss, it was also the stamping ground of the newborn French ethnology. This common heritage between Brazil and France, strengthened again in the 90th’s with Abdelmalek Sayad’s visit to the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, remains alive today, thanks to the ongoing exchanges between researchers from both countries.

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