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2016-3 | 2017
« Banlieues » : entre imaginaires et expériences

Suburban Imaginary and Experience
Edited by Elisa Bricco, Serena Cello, Catherine Douzou and Nancy Murzilli
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Credits : Quartier Paul Langevin, Villetaneuse. Par Magali Nachtergael. CC-BY 3.0.

This issue raises questions about contemporary representations of suburbs and suburban spaces. Although the word “banlieue” originally designates a geographical and administrative space, it has long been used to refer to its metaphorical sense as a “territorial embracing of a social question.” This, at least, is the interpretation that the media give us. Such an interpretation actually tends to impose often partial and one-sided representations of what we call “banlieues sensibles”. Against the standardization and generalization of such a use of this term, it seemed urgent to question its meaning, putting into perspective both the imaginary aspect and the experiences associated with it. Taking into consideration the polysemy of the word “banlieues” is a way of doing justice not only to the diversity of the realities to which it refers, but also to the multiplicity of representations of which it is the object. The issue addresses these questions by developing different viewpoints: namely, those of geographers, sociologists and town planners, as well as writers and artists.

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