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Digital Anthropologies

An event organized by the Écrans de la Liberté in collaboration with the Le Cube, Center of Digital Creation, 13-14 March 2015
Les écrans de la Liberté et Le Cube
p. 275-276

The Écrans de la Liberté and the Cube set up an area of meeting and discussion (screenings, debates…) on visual, sound and mediatized scripts/ narratives that are concerned with the realities of the contemporary world, crises, conflicts, aspirations and their representations, proposing to entwine them with the new opportunities offered particularly by digital techniques. Filmmakers, artists, IT engineers and researchers are developing methods of learning on complex situations and urging, through their work, the building of new relationships with their audience, visitors, readers…By entwining techniques and art forms, these practitioners are shaking the boundaries between disciplines and fields of knowledge, and devising modes of production to adapt these scripts to the polysemous realities of the world.

Whether introducing original perceptions of spaces where individual trajectories and collective fates meet, clash or enrich each other, or showing these interstices, where individual or collective modes of life emerge and new approaches to the world are invented; actors come to reveal, highlight and question these stances.

By differently mobilizing the competences of each individual, the modes of production of these singular scripts/ narratives necessitate unprecedented modes of collective exchanges. In this way they offer a rightful place to the works that are excluded from usual channels of diffusion, by economic reasonings or processes of political control, and shatter the traditional rituals of reproduction.

The third edition of Digital Anthropologies intends to give audience to these new scripts/narratives, which tend to be marginalized by the current dynamic of standardization. Creating the necessary time, in a space recalling a Fablab, anthropologists, directors, visual artists, engineers, digital practitioners are invited to compare with their audience their tools, their practices, their representations, their ways of operating, to think up new fields of research, and to shake up the traditional division of labor between artistic expression, scientific production and technical intervention.

Collective works, group research and production, individual writings are invited for submission to this selection as long as research, interdisciplinarity and interactivity are taken into account; that they encourage a new expression of reality and/or of the imaginary, and make use of the technical supports in relation to this research.

Selection committee

Carine Le Malet: Artistic director at the « Cube »

Jacques Lombard: Anthropologist and filmmaker, research director at the Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)

Julie Peghini: Anthropologist, senior lecturer, CEMTI University Vincennes Saint Denis Paris 8

Gilles Remillet: Anthropologist and filmmaker, senior lecturer, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

Nadine Wanono: Anthropologist and filmmaker, researcher at the Institut des Mondes africains.

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