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142-143 | 2015
Marges et Numérique

Margins and digital technologies
Couverture JDA 142-143
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326 pages
ISBN 979-10-90923-10-2

The social, political, cultural and economic issues raised by digital tools are usually seen from the perspective of highly-educated and wealthy young urban adults in North America and Western Europe. This volume takes a different approach: by shifting our perspective, we review the challenges that digital technologies create from the “margins”. How are these technologies perceived in countries that lie at the periphery of globalization? What forms do the digital markets take in those countries – at the margin? How do people take advantage of the range of products generated by these markets? Finally, how do minority actors, whether they operate at the ‘margin’ or at the ‘centre’ of the global system, mobilize digital tools in order to achieve their social, political, cultural or economic goals and what are the limits on this mobilization?


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