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Anthropologie visuelle

Construction audiovisuelle participative

Extension imagétique d’un terrain ethnographique afro-américain
Participatory Audiovisual Construction : Imagetic Extension of an Afro-American Ethnographic Fieldwork
Federico Varrasso
p. 303-319


This article aims at examining participatory audiovisual post-production as an extended ethnographic fieldwork dimension. It is based on a research conducted in Haiti and Europe with members of a Port-au-Prince religious community and a multicultural audience. It intends to question the conditions of ethnographic knowledge production since filmic observations from the field are re-interviewed with observed agents and that we proceed to an attempt of co-construction of audiovisual representation.

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Full-text article available to subscribers or on a "pay per view" basis. It will be available on this URL in January 2020.
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Bibliographical reference

Federico Varrasso, « Construction audiovisuelle participative  », Journal des anthropologues, 146-147 | 2016, 303-319.

Electronic reference

Federico Varrasso, « Construction audiovisuelle participative  », Journal des anthropologues [Online], 146-147 | 2016, Online since 15 November 2018, connection on 11 December 2017. URL :

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About the author

Federico Varrasso

Cinéma anthropologique et documentaire
Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense (EA 4414 / HAR)
200 av. de la République – 92001 Nanterre
Courriel :

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