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Part Three

Perilous Boundaries: Affective Experience in Three Scottish Women Writers’ Short Fiction

Linda Tym


Cet article se concentre sur la négociation de la perte dans les nouvelles des écrivaines écossaises Lynsey May, Janice Galloway et A. L. Kennedy. Au lieu d’orienter la perte vers des préoccupations nationalistes, elles la déterritorialisent et la reterritorialisent en déplaçant l’attention vers les affects partagés. A travers le corps du texte, Lynsey May, Janice Galloway et A. L. Kennedy proposent le corps — la bouche de leurs protagonistes — comme source de l’exploration d’une expérience sans limite. Dans chacune des nouvelles, l’utilisation d’un objet métonymique met en lumière le danger qu’un affect partagé peut constituer. Dans la nouvelle de Lynsey May « The Gull », les sentiments de violence que Joni éprouve à l’égard de l’oiseau témoignent indirectement de la violence de son rejet de son ancien petit ami. Dans la nouvelle de Janice Galloway intitulée « A Week with Uncle Felix », l’impossibilité qu’éprouve Senga à mettre en mots la perte témoigne de la complexité de sa relation avec Félix. Un collier, offert en guise de souvenir, est utilisé pour construire artificiellement une narration familiale mais surtout pour créer un attachement émotionnel à une lignée. La narratrice d’A. L. Kennedy dans « Story of My Life », recherche une rencontre affective avec le lecteur à travers la relation de son trauma oral chez le dentiste mais en dernière analyse utilise la forme de la nouvelle pour reconfigurer l’expérience de la perte.

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Texte intégral

I. Affect Theory

1In-between-ness, within the flux between a narrated past and a subjective lived experience, the ongoing nature of life as body, through body, and in body, inspires this study of Scottish women writers’ short fiction. Elspeth Probyn observes that “writing affects bodies [...] writing is a corporeal activity. We work ideas through our bodies; we write through our bodies, hoping to get into the bodies of our readers” (Probyn 76). Although theoretical approaches such as psychoanalysis traditionally have been distanced from the study of the body and, instead, have focused on the psychic locus of experience, contemporary fiction remembers the body, the corpus on which both text and experience are (re)written and (re)inscribed. The short fiction of Lynsey May, Janice Galloway, and A. L. Kennedy, which will be successively examined in the final three sub-sections of this essay through the close exploration of one of their stories, direct attention to the body in narrative, character, and plot. Their stories expose and revel in the tangled tissue of internal and external experience. They illustrate how

thought is itself a body, embodied. Cast forward by its open-ended in-between-ness, affect is integral to a body’s perpetual becoming (always becoming otherwise, however subtly, than what it already is), pulled beyond its seeming surface-boundedness by way of its relation to, indeed its composition through, the forces of encounter. With affect, a body is as much outside itself as in itself–webbed in its relation”untict i body’s widtned in the finais trfirmstudyin througcffectualmy indy (Greggence.Siv>ur as3)


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I2 Affect Theor Loss in Scottish Short Fiction
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span classfrom1n1" id="tocto1n1">I2 5ffect Theor Ln" lang="en">Mouthed Loss in Janice Galloway’s “A Week with Uncle Felix”
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span classfrom1n1" id="tocto1n1">I2 6ffect Theor Ln" lang="en">Extracted Loss in A. L. Kennedy’s “Story of My Life”
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5 Here, I refer to Susan Stewart’s discussion of “Grotesque Body” (104-110).

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7 In addition to Sara Ahmed’s work, which is quoted throughout this article, Susan Stewart’s On Longing is particularly useful in its investigation of the relationship between objects and identity.

8 Here, I am referring specifically to Sigmund Freud’s discussion of mourning and melancholia and to Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok’s study of introjection and incorporation.

9 See Susan Stewart’s “The Imaginary Body” (104-131).

10 Awarded the Scottish Book Trust “New Writers Award 2012-2013,” Lynsey May is an emerging talent in the Scottish literary scene. Her writing has been published in her online blog, in her chapbook It Starts So Sweetly (2010), and in magazines such as Gutter, New Writing Scotland, and Stinging Fly.

11 Janice Galloway has established herself as one of the foremost Scottish women’s writers and has published since the 1980s. In addition to her most well known novel, The Trick is to Keep Breathing (1990), Galloway has also published two collections of short stories. In her short story collection Blood (1991), Galloway explores the shifts between the Self and Other. Although she does include Scots words, such as in “Plastering the Cracks” or in “A Week with Uncle Felix,” her concern is not particular to Scottish nationalism; rather, she explores the permeability of identity.

12 See Susan Stewart’s “Objects of Desire” (132-170).

13 According to Freud, “the fear of uttering a name that previously belonged to a dead person also extends towards the avoidance of any mention of anything to do with that deceased” (“Totem and Taboo” 59).

14 A. L. Kennedy, although born in Dundee, now lives in London. Her first collection of short stories Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains (2090), acdEns="niature, th=eds tes Night GeeddenstweenmacdEst Scottging Fly Desivel, The Triblishedry cost well knowublishedfNiprol, Bradioeddensc andplays.longdyh born ins quoted rninrup32-erns of her wr/em>gon in bol" d Freries. /em>nalisestic concambigua d nun ofs

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