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Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion 2004 (EBGR 2004)

Angelos Chaniotis et Joannis Mylonopoulos

Texte intégral

1The 17th issue of the Epigraphic Bulletin for Greek Religion presents the great majority of the epigraphic publications of 2004 and many additions to EBGR 1999-2003. We have placed emphasis on the presentation of new corpora and editions of new texts, but we could not resist the temptation to include information contained in papyri, both magical papyri and other papyri of religious interest that might otherwise remain unnoticed (153. 205). However, we can no longer follow the discussion concerning the Derveni papyrus (see more recently F. Jourdan, Le papyrus de Derveni. Texte présenté, traduit et annoté, Paris, 2003 [with the review in Kernos 18 (2005), p. 553-556]; G. Betegh, The Derveni Papyrus. Cosmology, Theology, and Interpretation, Cambridge, 2004; T. Kouremenos, G.M. Parasoglou, K. Tsantsanoglou, The Derveni Papyrus, Florence, 2006) or the newly edited epigrams of Poseidippos which are of great interest for Hellenistic religion (e.g., B. Acosta-Hughes – E. Kosmetatou – M. Baumbach [eds.], Labored in Papyrus Leaves. Perspectives on an Epigram Collection Attributed to Posidippus (P.Mil.Vogl. VIII 309), Washington, 2004).

2In addition to many new inscriptions (esp. 1-3. 11. 26. 29. 43. 57. 118-120. 135. 138. 140. 142. 151. 156. 171-173. 176-179. 187-188. 213. 223-224. 231. 241. 247. 251. 256. 268-272. 277-280. 284-285. 288. 290. 296-297. 306-307), in this issue we summarize 14 corpora, concerning the inscriptions of Dacia (235), Apulum (218), Halasarna on Kos (141), Ikaria (189), Samos (104), Akragas and Gela (8), Elea (293), the Museum of Catania (143), France (61), south Karia (31), Sinope (87), the area of Mt. Sultan Daği in east Phrygia (128), and Perge (239).

3The new texts add some information concerning the worship of gods, e.g., attesting for the first time the epiklesis Aontia (or Adontia?) for Artemis in Achaia (213), identifying a sanctuary of Achilles on Thera (248), offering what may be a very early attestation of Asklepios’ cult in Thessaly (288), and providing information concerning the cult of healing heroes in Mylasa (26). But studies based on previously published material, in particular surveys of cults in Roman Asia Minor (e.g., the cults of Mes, Hosios kai Dikaios, and the Twelve Gods), also make significant contributions to the study of important religious features of this period, such as an emphasis on divine justice, the concept of a hierarchy among the immortals, and the communication between gods and men (cf., e.g., 3. 159. 166. 171. 178); we single out a new analysis of Hadrian’s dedicatory epigram to Eros at Thespiai as a testimony of contemporary religious mentality (102). The new edition of an oration for Theseus in Roman Athens (84) provides insights both into the cult of the Athenian hero and into the function of epideictic orations in festivals. The cult of mortals has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. In this issue the reader will find new evidence for the cult of Agrippa in Thessaly (135) and the imperial cult in Kalindoia in Macedonia (251), but also summaries of studies of the ranks of ‘political gods and heroes’ in the Hellenistic period (35), on the cult of benefactors (265), and on the rituals of the Hellenistic ruler cult (105).

4There are only a few new leges sacrae, including sacrificial regulations from Athens (256) and Kos (140), but we should also mention the new copies of the lex sacra of Antiochos I of Kommagene (57; cf. 215 and 300), a new date plausibly sug­gested for the famous lex sacra of the mysteries of Andania (268), and new significant contributions to the interpretation of the equally famous regulation of Selinous concern­ing purification rituals (69 and 74). Turning to sanctuaries, their organisation and their finances, the new texts include an exciting new find from fifth-century Olympia concerning theorodokoi in Sparta and Euboia which seems to show that the sanctuary possessed a widespread network of relations at an early stage (247), a very interesting Hellenistic decree from Halasarna forbidding the use of sacred property as surety for loans (141); and another inscription from the same city which shows that former priests constituted a board (141). We should also mention contributions to the study of temple inventories (145-149), an important source of information for dedicatory practices and the terminology used for dedications; in connection with the vocabulary of dedications, we point to a new text from Halasarna which attests the unusual designation of a dedication as an εἱλαστήριον (141). We also note the publica­tion of an excellent study of dedicatory practices in late Hellenistic and Roman Greece (244). Among the new texts we single out a dedication of an alumnus to an anonymous god in Thyraion (126).

5The study of ‘Dionysiac-Orphic’ texts has been moved forward both through new editions of this material (20 and 222) and through important observations concerning the content of these texts (esp. 65; cf. 221). Another group of exciting texts which is continually increasing and also attracting the attention it deserves consists of the so-called ‘confession inscriptions’. Although this issue presents only one new text (179; for new texts see P. Herrmann – H. Malay, New Documents from Lydia, Vienna, 2007 [Tituli Asiae Minoris, Ergänzungsband]), we note several studies devoted to these texts and their religious and sociological aspects (esp. 18. 44-45. 98-99. 126. 294). A new inscription from Philomelion (126) seems to condemn unjust oaths, which is also a common theme in ‘confession inscriptions’. Sociological aspects of religion are illuminated not only by ‘confession inscriptions’, but also by studies of cult associations (9. 15), of women participation in religion (22), and of the reproduction of social pat­terns in cult communities (96). We also mention an interesting text (an old find) from Kyrene which demonstrates how something as innocents as the sending of a delegation to a festival could be politically explosive in the context of rivalries between cities in the Roman Empire (164).

6Many new texts provide information concerning concepts of the afterlife (e.g., 114. 156) and funerary customs. We single out several interesting funerary imprecations (126. 171) as well as new evidence for the efforts of individuals to safeguard the con­tinuation of their funerary cult (1. 124), for the heroisation of the dead (189), and for the protection of the grave (158. 187). The reader of this issue will not fail to observe the large number of studies devoted to magic in the broadest sense of the word, especially to curse tablets (e.g., 128-129. 131. 151. 278. 280. 282. 307) and phylacteries (e.g., 11. 80-81. 277). The identification of a particular group of curses, ‘prayers for justice’ (13. 44-45. 128. 278. 280), including justified curses (126. 129), has marked a significant step forward in efforts to give defixiones the place they deserve in the history of mentalities. Other stimulating developments concern the study of the circulation of magical handbooks from which spells and recipes were copied and adapted (80. 97. 130) and of syncretistic trends in magic (e.g., 81. 196. 245).

7Considering the evolution of the ‘epigraphic habit’ in the Greek world, it is not surprising that the number of inscriptions pertaining to religion increases in the Imperial period, including areas on the periphery of Greek religion. This makes a study of the interaction between traditional Greek religion and other religious traditions and of the various forms of ‘syncretism’ possible. After the concept of ‘Romanisation’ was shown to be inadequate to describe the multifaceted impact of Roman rule in the Roman East, recent scholarship proposes more differentiated approaches to this subject (e.g., 19. 27. 78. 138. 170. 243). The complex relations between different reli­gious groups (pagans, Jews, and Christians) can also be studied in Late Antiquity; an interesting phenomenon is the convergence of the religious vocabulary of different religious traditions, which makes the attribution of some texts (e.g., 4. 11) to a particular group difficult. As regards the conflict between Hellenic religion and Christianity in late Antiquity, a very important new find is an inscription of Ikaria (189) which contains an oracle of Apollon Pythios, also quoted by Christian authors, referring to the conversion of ancient temples into churches of Mary (5th cent. AD).

8The principles explained in Kernos 4 (1991), p. 287-288 and Kernos 7 (1994), p. 287 also apply to this issue. Abbreviations which are not included in the list of abbreviations are those of L’Année Philologique and J.H.M. Strubbe (ed.), Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. Consolidated Index for Volumes XXXVI-XLV (1986-1995), Amsterdam, 1999, as well as of later volumes of the SEG. If not otherwise specified, dates are BC. We are very much obliged to Benjamin Gray (All Souls College, Oxford) for improving the English text. [AC]


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Selected Topics [AC]

Geographical areas (in the sequence adopted by SEG)

30Athens/Attica: 9. 15-16. 21. 24. 49. 54-55. 83-84. 117. 127. 131. 137. 145. 147-149. 155-156. 160-163. 171bis. 174-175. 185-186. 200. 206. 209-210. 242. 256. 264. 267. 272. 286. 307; Brauron: 63. 208; Eleusis: 31; Marathon: 82; Rhamnous: 212; Sounion: 95. 240. Aigina: 83. Sikyonia: Sikyon: 144. Argolis: Argos: 38. 192. 216. Epidauria: Epidauros: 31. 101. 233. 299. Lakonia: Sparta: 76. 233. 247. 271. 295; Tainaron: 306. Kythera: 284. Messenia: Andania: 62. 268; Messene: 62. 268-270. Arkadia: Mantineia: 102. 275; Megalopolis: 35. Elis: 14. 234; Olympia: 14. 242. 247. Achaia: 213. Boiotia: 283. 298; Oropos: 110; Tanagra: 242. 305; Thebes: 6; Thespiai: 17. 102. 125. 297. Delphi: 88. 94. 149. 195. 198. 229. 238. 301. Phokis: Drymaia: 94. West Lokris: Naupaktos: 188. Thessaly: 101. 108. 135. 227; Gonnoi: 142; Halos: 199; Itonos: 230; Mopseion: 288; Pherai: 193. Epeiros: 37. 225; Dodone: 33. 86. 107. 255. Illyria: 37. 225; Apollonia: 226. Macedonia: 64; Dion: 107. 217; Kalindoia: 251; Leukopetra: 106; Pella: 47-48; Thessalonike: 64. Thrace: Anchialos: 139; Augusta Traiana: 257; Maroneia: 304; Pistiros/Vetren: 7. 72. Moesia: Histria: 10; Nikopolis ad Istrum: 173. 285; Oescus. 152. Dacia: 235. 243; Apulum: 218. North Shore of the Black Sea: 60. 308; Nymphaion: 252; Olbia: 121. 236. 276. 296; Panskoye: 258; Pantikapaion: 276; Porthmion: 290; Tyritake. 276. Delos: 46. 128. 146-149. 253. Rhodes: 30. 39. 261; Ialysos: 223-224; Lindos: 113. 134. Lesbos: Eresos: 182; Mytilene: 136. Kyklades: 22. 167; Amorgos: 109. 182; Anaphe: 34; Andros: 202; Keos: 88; Paros: 187; Tenos: 34; Thera. 91. 233. 248. Chios: 181. Kos: 29. 35-36. 108. 140-141. 230. Nisyros: 203. Samos: 59. 104. 204. Koressia: 104. Ikaria: 104. 189. Samothrake: 230. Euboia: 46. 247; Eretria: 182. Crete: 23. 92; Inatos: 204; Kommos: 58; Lebena: 250; Phaistos: 221. Sicily: Akragas: 8. 219; Gela: 8. 211. 219; Katane: 143; Selinous: 31. 69. 74. 151. Italy: 129; Elea: 289. 293; Ostia: 165. Gaul: 61. Britannia: 277-280. Asia Minor: 4. 27. 40. 44. 67. 112. Karia: 11. 31. 77. 234bis; Alabanda: 25. 34; Aphrodisias: 43; Keramos: 292; Knidos: 44; Mylasa: 25-26; Stratonikeia: 291; Tralleis: 33. 71. Ionia: Ephesos: 273; Magnesia on the Maeander: 34. 108; Metropolis: 73bis; Miletos: 147; Smyrna: 34. 158; Teos: 34. Lydia: 44. 98-99. 111. 178-179; Kollyda: 177; Philadelpheia: 214. Aiolis: 115; Kyme: 35. Troas: Ilion: 103. Mysia: Gambreion: 88; Pergamon: 97. 105. 122-125. 183. Bithynia: 218; Bithynion: 102. Pontos: Sinope: 87. Galatia: Ankyra: 157; Tavium: 263. Phrygia: 3. 11. 44. 53. 98-99. 126. 171. 197; Aizanoi: 168; Hierapolis: 190. 231; Pessinous: 228; Philomelion: 176. Pisidia: 116. 138; Antiocheia: 159. 166. Pamphylia: 118. 170; Perge: 239. Lykia: 73. 119. 169. 241; Kibyra: 50-52. 116; Limyra: 303; Olympos: 2; Termessos: 120; Tlos: 1; Trebenna: 124. Kilikia: 78. 259; Aigeai: 259; Anazarbos: 53. 309; Anemourion: 259; Diokaisareia: 259; Elaioussa Sebaste: 28. Cyprus: 194; Kafizin: 180; Kourion: 102; Paphos: 42. Kommagene: 215. 300; Zeugma: 57. Syria/Palaestina: 19. 191; Askalon: 89; Sidon: 266. Egypt: 12. 68. 70. 154. 245. Kyrene: 164.

Subject index

31acclamation: 96. 235. 239. 302

32afterlife: 38. 61. 65. 87. 91. 104. 114. 124. 156. 189. 286

33agon: 26; cf. s.v. festival

34altar: 1. 3. 5. 11. 26. 28. 48. 87. 126. 214. 234bis. 235. 292-293; funerary altar: 1. 29. 189

35amphictyony: 94. 195. 234. 238

36amulet: 4. 11. 61. 80. 184. 276. 279; cf.s.v. gem, magic, phylactery

37anatomical votive: 101. 104

38animal, sacrificial: 1. 140; bull: 141. 225; cow: 26; donkey: 12; eagle: 44; ewe: 140; goat: 140; ram: 172; sheep: 140; snake: 26. 249; cf. Greek words

39apotropaic text/object: 61. 295

40archaism: 244

41aretalogy: 246

42Asiarches: 40-41. 220

43association, cult: 1. 9. 15. 17. 31. 120. 235. 243. 272. 289. 293. 297; cf. Greek words

44astrology: 87. 143

45asylia: 34. 36. 52. 108. 231. 239. 275

46banquet: 39. 87. 105. 109. 182. 189

47bell: 123. 295

48benefactors, cult of: 5. 35. 265

49birthday, of deity: 83

50boundary stone, of burial place: 29; of sacred property: 293; of sanctuary: 17. 141. 293

51burial: 75. 187; sealing of grave: 239; cf.s.v. funeral, funerary cult

52calendar: 31 (Rhodian in Karia). 37 (Korinthian in colonies). 87 (Sinope). 203 (Nisyros). 240 (cult calendar?); cf.s.v. sacrificial calendar

53cave: 144. 289

54Christianity: 11. 116. 126; pagan influence on: 87. 184. 189; Christian influence: 165

55communication, between humans and gods: 18. 204; intermediaries between mortals and gods: 102

56competition among cities: 52. 164

57confession inscription: 18. 27. 44-45. 98-99. 126. 179. 294

58crown, of priest: 87. 147; of theoroi: 230; crowning: 31. 105

59cult, assimilation of: 27; augmentation of: 31; family cult: 32; foundation of c. by individual: 21. 177; funding of: 24; introduction of: 21. 31. 73bis. 169-170. 176. 218. 273. 309; participation in: 140; reform: 62; regulation: 26; reorganisation: 24; transfer: 19. 109. 243

60cult of mortals, in the Hellenistic period: 35. 265; of benefactors: 5. 35. 265; of Romans: 5. 135 (Agrippa). 234bis (C. Marcius Censorinus); Antinoos: 102; cf.s.v. emperor cult, heroisation, ruler cult

61cult officials: agonothetes: 87. 105. 143. 160. 170. 216. 239. 252. 259. 270. 301; aniptopous: 33; epimeletes: 9; hiera: 53. 104; hierophantes: 62; hierophylax: 230; hieropoios: 9. 141. 162. 206. 272; hieros: 104. 168. 268; hierotamias: 32; hierothytes: 39; karneiastes: 268; klakophoros: 226; kleidophoros: 226; kosmetes: 272; kosmetor: 137; mastigophoros: 239; neokoros: 31; neopoies/napoies: 104. 140-141; oinotamias: 31; pallake/pallakis: 33; panegyriarches: 87. 104; prophetes: 61; theophoros: 104; cf.s.v. priests; Greek words

62cult officials, hereditary: 33. 62. 141. 239; iteration in office: 33

63curse: 4. 26. 126; justification of c: 126. 129; curse tablet: 13. 44. 47. 54-55. 61. 127-132. 151. 219. 235. 278. 280. 282. 294. 307

64death: 38. 61

65dedication: 92. 101. 113. 145-148. 244; cf. Greek words

66dedication, dedicants: artisan: 49. 180. 266. 298; cult association: 235; friends (hetairoi): 118-119; magistrate: 29. 87. 104. 200 (after the term in office: 181. 209. 239. 270); priest/ cult official: 26. 43. 100. 141. 252 (after the term in office: 31. 33. 141. 269); professional association: 141. 218; royalty: 145; sailor: 28; slave: 43. 61; soldier: 235. 257. 299; village: 3. 171; woman: 22

67dedication, object of: bell: 295; mirror: 213; person (slave: 106; threptos: 126); writing tabet: 204; cf.s.v. anatomical votive

68dedication, motivation: divine command: 73; dream: 48. 71. 298; oracle: 31. 33. 61; safe journey: 121; spontaneous: 126, thanks-giving d.: 31; victory in war: 242. 298

69dedication for, emperor: 31. 104. 126. 141. 191. 269; family member: 3. 22. 26. 166. 191. 234bis; magistrate: 31; the paides: 29

70defixio: see curse tablet

71deities: Aglauros: 16. Amphitrite: 22. Anteros: 5. Aphrodite: 31. 42-43. 61. 89. 100. 102. 104. 140. 176. 194. 227. 240. 244. 270. 309; Euploia 181; Ourania 102. 276; Paphia 85; Stratonikis 34; Synarchis 104. Apollon: 3. 5. 37. 57. 58-59. 61. 72. 81. 89. 104. 140-143. 155. 170-171. 208. 227. 229. 240. 244. 253. 296. 298. 300; Agreus 142. 227; Aiginaios 296; Aisonios 142. 227; Aktios 142; Apotropaios 61; Boreus 236. 296; Chresmodotes 11; Delios 46. 72. 185-186; Delphinios 155. 207. 236; Doreios 227; Embasios 142; Epekoos 57; Hypoakraios 200; Ietros 236. 296; Karneios 167. 268; Karsenos 139; Kerdoos 227; Kitharodos 139; Lykeios 207. 227. 236; Maleatas 207. 233; Oulios 293; Panlimnios 142. 227; Patro(i)os 16. 273; Pholeuterios 289; Platytoxos 298; Pleurenos 111; Prieleus 104; Ptoios 298; Pythios 61. 104. 142. 155. 227. 301; Sozon 126; Syidenos 257; T(h)argelios 236. Archegetes: 256. Ares: 53. 73bis. 118-119. 244. Aristaios: 61. Artemis: 22. 37. 59. 61. 72. 95. 115-116. 169. 183. 202. 218. 226. 239-241. 244. 253; Adrastea 226; Agagylaia 227; Agrotera 140. 226; Alpheia 234; Aontia 213?; Aristoboule 207; Boulaia 200. 207; Diktynna 57; Eileithyia 226-227; Ephesie 276; Euomymos 227; Ephesia 239; Geneteira 227; Heleia 227; Kekoia 30; Kitaneurissa 2; Kombike 1; Kynegetis 241; Leukophryene 108. 183. 227; Limnatis 226; Lochia 227; Oupesia 62; Paidotrophos 226; Parthenos 227; Pergaia 170; Pergesia 239; Phosphoros 61. 226-227; Proskopa 226; Pytheis 140; Pythochrestos 207; Soteira 226; Tauropolos 104. 189. Asklepios: 5. 15. 21-22. 64. 89. 101. 105. 123-125. 167. 212. 217-218. 227. 230. 235. 240. 244. 250. 284. 288; Pergamenos 243; Soter 87. 95. 217. Athena: 22. 37. 58-59. 83. 89. 167. 170. 218. 223-224. 227. 234. 240. 244;Agelaa 16; Alseia 29; Chalkioikos 295; Ergane 49; Hellenie 293; Hoplophoros 227; Hygieia: 49; Ithydikos 138; Itonia 108. 230; Kamiras 39; Lindia 30. 113. 134; Nike 49; Patroa 227; Polias 39. 87. 140. 145. 188. 227. 293; Skiras16; Soteira 87. 140; Sounias 95. 240. Charites: 227. Demeter: 8. 22. 26. 44. 48. 59. 143. 199. 201. 217. 227. 244. 283; Karpophoros 136?; Megalartos 207; cf.Theai Eleusiniai. Dionysos: 15. 26. 37. 59. 167. 173. 175. 198. 208. 243. 244. 252, 298; Dallios? 104; Demoteles 207; Erikryptos 26; Kathegemon 190; Lenaios 153; Theodaisios 207. Dioskouroi: 51-52. 58. 61. 89. 119. 126. 138. 140. 227. 236. 244; Amyklaioi 61; Soteres 61. Eileithyia: 5. 22. 167. 204. 270; cf.s.v. Artemis. Eirene: 208. 254. Eleutheria: 43. Enodia: 227; Patroa 227; cf.s.v. Nemesis. Eros: 5. 102. 239; Eleutheros 104?. Euangelos: 58. Eumenides: 74. Eurysakes: 16. Ge: 90. 141?. 283; Eukarpia 227; Karpophoros 90; Makaira 90; Meter 90; Pantrophos 189; Telesphoros 90. Glykon: 124. 243. Hades: 23. 227. 293. Hagne Theos: 256. Hekate: 26. 89. 97. 171. 183. 243; Meliteina 140; Sossis 25; Stratia 140-141. Helios: 3. 11. 31. 78. 244; Aniketos 218; Basileus 126; cf.s.v. Zeus. Heliosarapis: 87. Hephaistos: 43. 59. 87. Hera: 22. 26. 37. 59. 72. 104. 170. 172. 244. 293; Archegetis 104; Basileios 104; Dromaia 167; Gamelia 53; Parthenie 104?; Samia 104; Thelxine 293. Herakles: 5. 16. 26. 31. 57. 60-61. 72. 83. 87. 89. 95. 126. 141. 152. 160. 171. 227. 240. 244. 258. 268. 272. Hermes: 5. 26. 31. 37. 48. 59. 83. 89. 95. 100. 104. 141. 177. 189. 208. 227. 240. 268. 293; Chthonios 227; Eisagogos 104; Epikarpios 78; Epinikios 78; Korykios 78; Tropaiouchos 78. Hestia: 35. 244. 293; Phamia 140; Prytaneia 87; Timacheia 140. Horai: Polykarpoi 136; Telesphoroi 136. Hosios (kai) Dikaios: 3. 171. 239. Hosioi kai Dikaioi: 126. Hygieia: 22. 87. 95. 167. 212. 227. 235. 240. Kabeiroi: 5. 72. Kairos (Olympios): 293. Kephisos: 21. Kore: 22. 72. 143. 201. 227. 244. 283; cf. s.vv. Persephone, Theai Eleusiniai. Leron/Lerine: 61. Leto: 10. 31. 61. 140. 208. Leukothea: 61. 87. Ma: 121. 283. Mes/Men: 3. 27. 59. 116. 166. 171. 235; Aniketos 235; Askaenos 126. 159. 166. 176; Asylos 239; Tyrannos 240. Messene: 270. Meter: 59. 61. 72. 73bis. 273; Andeirene 53. 126; Dindymene 126; Epikrateia 104; Euangelia 138; Megale 23. 221; Theon 87. 106. 176. 227. 236. 305; Theou 178; Troklimene 218. Meteres: 61. Mnemosyne: 298. Muses: 5. 17. 48. 125. 298. Neleus: 104. Nemeseis: 235. Nemesis: 104. 171bis. 206. 235; Enodia 239. Nymphs: 11. 22. 48. 59. 64. 71. 104. 143. 180; Hydriades 23. Olympios Kairos: 293. Pan: 61. 71. 82. 89. 143. 299. Persephone: 23. 183. 189. 293. Parthenos: 290. Pompaios: 293. Poseidon: 22. 58-59. 89. 95. 104. 225. 227. 234. 240. 244. 283. 293. 306; Asphaleios 293; Epakrios 104; Helikonios87. 189; Hippodromios16; Isthmios 234bis; Patroos 227. Praxidike: 227. Rhome (Dea Roma): 73bis. 111; Archegetis 170. Selene: 78. Theai: Eleusiniai 31. Themis: 87. 227; Agoraia 227. Theoi: 31. 292. 298. 303; Athanatoi 126; Dikaioi 50. 120; Dodeka 73. 241; Hypsistoi 235; Keramietai 292; Pantes 119. 121. 143. 270; Pythioi 61; Samothrakes 104. Theos: Basileus 59; Hypsistos 87. 122. 235. 263; Megas Hypsistos 87. Tritopatores: 74. Tyche: 89. 259; Sebaste 26. Zeus: 5. 7. 14. 28. 33. 37. 53. 59. 78. 89. 119. 126. 170. 172. 176. 234bis. 240. 298; Alastor 293?; Alseios 29; Alsenos 171. 197; Ampel(e)ites 171; Andreas 171; Archegetes 95. 240; Ariou 177; Atabyrios 31; Athenaios 293; Bennios 126. 171; Bronton 27. 171; Chrysaoreus 77; ek Didymon Dryon 179; Dikaiosynos 87; Dolichenos 235; Elasteros 74; Eleutheros 104?; Epikarpios 78; Epinikios 78; Euboulos 22; Eumenes 74; Exakesterios 293; Helios 87; Helios Sarapis 87; Hellenios 293; Herakles 171; Hetaireios 110; Hypatos 31. 293; Hypsistos 31. 85. 227. 235; Ithomatas 269; Karios 31. 291; Karpophoros 136?; Kataibates 227; Keraunios 227; Kimistenos 235, Korykios 78; Labraundos 31; Megistos 126; Meilichios 74. 104. 207; Moiragetes 61; Naos 255; Narenos 235; Nineudios 43; Olbios 259; Olybreus 309; Olympios 2; Opores 283; Orios 293; Oromasdes 57; Osogo 26; Osogollis 31; Ourios 293; Patro(i)os 61. 273; Petarenos 171; Phratrios 16. 207; Phytalmios 58?; Polieus 30. 39. 111. 140. 293; Sarapis 235; Sardendenos 218. 235. 243; Sittakomikos 235. 243; Soter 1. 35. 140. 171. 269-270. 298; Stoichaios 207; Syrgastos 218; Thallos 171; Tropaiouchos 78; Zemeiastes 126

72deities, Anatolian: Agdistis: 126; Dodeka Theoi 73. 241; Kakasbos 100. 119; Kybele 226-227. 273; Theos Asbames 4. Celtic: Apollon Grannos: 235. Egyptian: 64. 70. 85. 87. 89. 104. 154. 167. 227. 235. 244-245. 268. 308. Iranian: 57. Roman: Fortuna Augusta 26; Genius Herculi: 152; Iupiter Optimus, Juno, Hercules: 104; Sol Invictus 2. Oriental: 89; Baal: 61; Euporia Thea Belela: 15; Mithras: 96. 218; Sabazios: 31. 258; Thea Syria: 128. Thracian: Bendis 21. 240; Deloptes: 104 Kotytto: 74; Thracian Rider: 139. 218. 235. 285

73deities, assimilation of: 57. 89. 194. 309; assimilation of gods and mortals: 61; birthday of: 83; hierarchy of: 235 (Θεῶν πάντων κρατῶν); deities as patrons of fertility: 126; of seafaring: 28. 121. 142; of young men: 233; theriomorphic d.: 225

74dice-oracle: 126

75Dionysiac artist: 61

76disease, as divine punishment: 179

77divination: 33. 81. 83. 97. 126. 183. 205. 245. 281. 289. 298

78dream: 48. 71. 250. 298; see also Greek index

79ear, representation of: 64

80Eleusis, Eleusinian mysteries: 31. 66. 283

81emperor cult: 1. 25. 40. 42. 76. 87. 104. 112. 141. 171bis. 189. 200. 220. 234bis. 239. 244. 251. 269. 292. 303. 309; identification of a member of the imperial family with a god: 42 (Iulia Sebaste Nea Aphrodite). 141 (Iulia-Leto). 200 (Augustus-Apollon, Livia-Artemis Boulaia). 239 (Tacitus-Zeus)

82ephebes: 26. 84. 155. 189. 268

83epiphany: 288

84epithet: 153. 207

85excorcism: 80

86festival: 26; commemorative: 105; establishment of: 254; founded by individual: 235; funding of: 24. 31. 126; joint: 35; order during f.: 239

87festival, agon: Agrionia: 37; Aktia: 87; Antonea Geteia Olympia: 262 (Laodikeia at Lykos); Antoneinia Pythia: 260 (Rome); Asklepieia: 141. 230 (Kos); Asylia Pythia: 239 (Perge); Augoustia Olympia Oikoumenika: 239 (Perge); Aspis: 87 (Argos); Basileia; 298 (Thebes); Capitolia: 87. 164; Demetrios (agon): 239 (Perge); Dia: 262 (Laodikeia at Lykos); Dia Olympia?: 261 (Rhodes); Dionysia: 141 (Kos); Dionysia kai Antiocheia: 35 (Kyme); for Eirene: 254 (Athens); Ethnike Panegyris: 303 (Lykian Koinon); Hali(ei)a Olympia: 261 (Rhodes); Heraia: 31 (Karia). 104 (Samos); Herakleia: 5; Hermaia: 5; Isthmia: 56; Kallynteria: 232 (Athens); Karneia: 268 (Messene); Koina Asias: 87, 261; Kotyttia: 74 (Selinous); Lenaia: 210 (Athens); Lykaia: 268 (Arkadia); Maleateia: 233 (Sparta); Marollia: 31 (Karia); Naia: 107 (Dodone); Nemea: 56. 87. 298; Olympia: 56. 87. 163. 188. 239. 268 (Elis). 107 (Dion); Oschophoria: 16 (Athens); Ouareios Themis: 239 (Perge); Panathenaia: 87. 232. 254. 286 (Athens); Patrios Megale Themis: 239 (Perge); Philetaireia: 35 (Kyme); Plynteria: 232 (Athens); Ptolemaia: 56 (Delos); Pythaia: 141 (Kos); Pythia: 56. 87 (Delphi). 87 (Antiocheia); Sebasta: 30. 87 (Neapolis); Sebasteia kai Nemea: 216 (Argos); Soteria: 35 (Kyme); Soteria Kapetolia: 261 (Laodikeia); Takitios Metropolitios Isokapetolios: 239 (Perge); Tertylleios: 239 (Perge); Thargelia: 186; Themis epi Labioi: 239 (Perge); Theseia: 84; Thesmophoria: 283

88festivals, in Aigeai (Kilikia): 259; Antiocheia: 87; Athens: 267; Hierapolis: 87; Ilion: 103; Laodikeia: 87; Mytilene: 87; Nikomedeia: 87; Perge: 239; Philadelpheia: 87; Thyateira: 87; Tralleis: 33. 87; provincial agones: 87

89footprints, representation of: 64

90foreigners: 9. 21

91freedman: 1

92funeral: 43; public f.: 31; in front of the city gates: 73bis

93funerary cult: 1. 26. 29. 31. 88. 91. 104. 109. 124. 143. 157-158. 187; f. legislation: 88; f. foundation: 1. 109; f. imprecation: 4. 26. 43. 78. 87. 104. 124. 126. 171; posthumous dedication of statue: 26. 31. 87. 268. 292. 303; protection of grave: 93. 158. 189

94gem: 100. 196. 235; cf. amulet

95genitals: 86. 171

96genos: 16. 160

97gladiators: 26. 41. 87

98gymnasion: 5. 26. 29. 31. 83. 109. 182. 189. 268. 298

99hands, raised: 171

100healing, healing miracle: 31. 71. 249-250; cult of healing deity: 26. 31. 101. 244-245

101hero/hero cult: 5. 15. 244. 256; Achilleus: 248. 276; Agamemnon: 271; Aiolos. 48; Androklos: 79; Chrysaor: 77; Darron: 26, Deloptes: 104; Iason: 249; Ikarios: 175; Kassandra: 271; Labos: 239; Maleatas/Maleates: 233; Malos: 233; Maron: 72; Paralos: 256; Pergamos: 85; Souregethes: 285; Theseus: 84; healing hero: 26. 101; heroisation: 17. 35. 61. 91. 109. 189

102Homer: 65. 116. 245

103hymn: 102. 104. 116. 198. 288

104identity and religion: 27. 243

105inauguration of temple: 251

106incubation: 101. 250

107initiation: 65. 96

108insence: 189

109interaction between religious groups: 4

110inventory: 63. 117. 145-149. 163. 175. 192

111invocation: 1. 126. 235

112Jews: 4. 122; Jew as sponsor of pagan festival: 4; Jewish influence: 196

113justice, divine: 44-45. 50. 98

114key: 226

115ktisis myth: 52. 79

116land, sacred: 17. 24. 26. 31

117lex sacra: 23. 31. 57. 66. 74. 75. 82. 87. 141. 240. 256

118libation: 74

119magic: 13. 61. 80. 97. 100. 132-133. 183-184. 196. 295; analogical m.: 129; handbook: 130. 132; love magic: 129; recipe: 279; cf.s.v. amulet, curse, gem, excorcism, Greek words

120miracle: 113; cf.s.v. epiphany

121music, musician: 26

122Mycenaean religion: 77. 283

123mysteries, of Andania: 62. 268; of Antinoos: 102; of Mithras: 96

124myth: 46. 52. 84. 86 (Kassandra). 113. 193 (Alkestis); cf.s.v. hero, ktisis

125names, theophoric: 59 (in Samos). 74 (Eumenidotos); related to ritual: 87. 251 (Mysta); related to cult offices: 189 (Archieratikos). 234bis (Prophetes); names of gods given to plots of land: 270

126necromancy: 81

127neokoria: 239

128new year, sacrifice: 83

129oath: 44. 72. 87. 188. 291. 304; criticism of o.: 126

130oracle: 31. 61. 75. 124. 189

131oratio: 84

132Orphics: 20. 65. 221-222

133paganism in Late Antiquity: 12. 68. 81. 154

134papyri: 153. 205. 245; magical: 80-81. 97. 130. 132-133

135participation in cult, limitation of: 140 (limitation to demotai)

136personifications: 244; Agathe Elpis: 234bis; Charis: 208; Echo: 208; Eirene 208. 254; Eleutheria: 43; Eunomia: 208; Opora: 208; Pyretos: 31; Tetartaios: 31; Theoria: 208

137philosophy: 102; cf.s.v. Platonism, Pythagoras

138phylactery: 130. 143. 235. 277; cf.s.v. amulet

139piety: 43. 104 (Nymphios makes a dedication to the Nymphs); cf. Greek words

140pilgrimage: 12

141Platonism: 102; Neplatonism: 183

142politics and religion: 34. 36. 56. 164. 198. 228

143pollution: 69. 74. 75

144prayer: 126. 231. 269. 292; p. for justice: 13. 44-45. 128. 171. 278. 280. 294

145priest: 1; eponymous: 1. 31. 73bis. 111. 269; archiereus: 70. 111. 176; archiereus of civic emperor cult: 1. 6. 104. 239. 259; archiereus of provincal emperor cult, in Asia: 40-41. 112. 220. 274; of the Hellenes: 269; in Lykia (Lykiarches): 1; in Pamphylia: 239; archiereia of civic emperor cult: 1. 22; Helladarches: 269; hiereia: 9. 22. 25. 31. 47. 87. 126. 201. 239. 256. 259; hiereus: 11. 26. 30-31. 43. 61. 100. 104-106. 126. 140-141. 162. 170-171. 173-174. 189. 228. 234bis. 239. 247. 256. 272. 276. 291-292. 303

146priest: accumulation of priesthoods: 30. 87; arbitration in legal disputes: 44-45; board of: 292; board of former p.: 141; couples serving as priests: 1. 31; duties of: 87. 140. 256; families of: 31. 239; hereditary: 126; for life: 43. 112. 239. 269; lists of: 31; privileges: 87. 256; sale of priesthood: 67; selection by lot: 141; voluntary: 31

147private and public cult: 101. 109

148procession; carrying of images: 104; wearing crowns: 230; processional street: 239

149proclamation before ritual: 66

150proskynema: 12

151prostitution, sacred: 33

152punishment, divine: 1. 44. 98. 179. 188; cf.s.v. divine justice

153purification: 69. 74. 295

154Pythagoras, Pythagoreans: 211. 289

155reincarnation: 124

156rider god: 3; cf. deities (Thracian rider)

157rite of passage: 226

158rituals: 33. 44. 74. 88. 251; funding of: 134; introduction of: 232; proclamation before r.: 66; cf.s.v. banquet, crowning, inauguration, incubation, initiation, libation, new-year sacrifice, oath, sacrifice, supplication, theoria

159river god: 104. 118. 170

160Rome, Roman influence, Romanisation: 19. 78. 138. 170. 194. 200. 243. 244

161ruler cult, Hellenistic: 5. 34. 57. 105. 111. 176. 194. 215. 300; influence of: 31

162sacrifice: 5. 12. 26. 31. 39. 73bis-75. 83. 105. 109. 126. 140-141. 172. 189. 202. 231. 239. 256; alternating s. (every other year): 140; distribution of meat: 140-141; funding of: 256; upon enthronisation of an emperor: 231; supplicatory s.: 189; see also animal

163sacrificial cake: 47. 256; sacrificial calendar: 140

164sanctuary: 301; finances of: 26. 31. 94. 141. 253; fines payable to s.: 31. 34. 78. 104. 140. 188-189; networks of s.: 247; participation in: 140; political centre: 14. 107. 291; open-air s.: 2; protection of sacred property: 140; religious centre: 31. 291; revenues: 26. 176. 185-186; and transhumance: 107; see also asylia, inventory, land (sacred), temple state

165slave: 1. 43; dedication of: 106; sacred s.: 104; and supplication: 275

166sceptre of god, erection of: 44. 98; carrying of: 53

167snake: 26. 249

168society and religion/ritual: 9. 15. 45. 88. 96. 98-99. 294

169soul: 156

170spirit, avenging: 74; evil: 69

171statue: 150; cult: 5. 63; dedication of an image of a god to another god: 26. 61. 71. 177. 239

172dedicatory: 26; auction of: 134; dressing of: 232; manumission in front of a s.: 229; portable: 243; prohibition against touching a s.: 175; dedication of s. as punishment: 188

173supplication: 189. 275

174sword, as divine symbol: 77

175syncretism: 27. 57. 81. 89. 196. 243

176temple, conversion: 189; opening: 105; inauguration: 251

177temple state: 27

178theoria, theoros: 30. 75. 108. 230. 238; theorodokos: 234. 247

179theosebeis: 4. 122

180theurgy: 97. 183

181torch-race: 104. 155

182tradition: 24. 31. 93

183vocabulary, religious: 18, Jewish: 4; ambiguity of: 4. 11. 109. 165

184vow: 2. 43-44. 61. 257; see Greek index

185war: 31. 105. 242. 298

186water: 101

187weather magic: 6. 184

188wine: 31. 180

189women and religion: 22. 33. 188; (cult) association of: 15; archieranistria: 272; participation in agones: 301; prohibition against participation in sacrifice: 140; see also priests (hiereia)

Greek words (a selection)

190acclamations: εἷς Ἀβρασάξ 235; εἷς ἀγὼν ἀσύλια Πύθια 239; εἷς Ἀσκληπιός 235; εἷς θεός 302; εἷς φιλόπατρις καὶ εὐεργέτης 239

191afterlife: εὐσεβέων χῶρος 104. 189; εἰς θεοὺς ἐχώρησε τὸ ἱερὸν πνεῦμα 114; καλὴ ψυχή 269

192associations: Ἁλιασταὶ Πολεμακλεῖοι οἱ σὺν 31; ἀρχιερανίστρια 272; βακχεῖον Ἀσιανῶν 173; Δαρρωνισταί 26; ἐρανιστής 272; ἔρανος 9; Ἡρακλιασταί 15; ἡρωϊσταί 15;θιασίτης 1; θίασος 9; Ἰοβάκχοι 15; καταφυγή 4; κοινόν 15. 31; ὀργεών 9. 15; παιανισταί 15; προσευχή 4;συναχθέντες 297; σύνοδος15; συνβίωσις 171; συνθύτης 17. 297; τεμενῖται 26; φρατρία 26

193cult buildings/objects: βωμός 26. 122. 126; ἱεροθυτεῖον 39; φωιτοφόρον 122

194cult foundation: ἱδρύω 21. 26

195cult functions: ἀνιπτόπους 33; ἀρχεύσας 141; γερηφόροι 141; ἱεραφόρος 104; παλλακίς/παλλακή 33; σύνσιτος 104; ἑπτάστολος 104

196curse formulae: ἀπόφλεγμα 133; ἀτέλεια 151; ἐκδικήσετε καὶ ἀρετὴν γεννήσετε καὶ διοργιάσετε 128; ἐξορκίζω ὑμᾶς τὸ ἅγιον ὄνομα 129; καταγράφω 128. 151; καταδέω 131

197curse formulae in funerary imprecations: τὰν αὐτὰν μοῖραν ἐμοὶ λαχέτω 126; αὐτὸς ἀτύμβευτος κορέσαι κύνας ἠδ᾿ οἰωνούς 87; ἀώροις περιπέσοιτο συμφοραῖς 126. 171; δώσει τῷ θεῷ λόγον τῷ μέλλοντι κρίνειν ζῶντας καὶ νεκρούς 126; τὸν Θεόν σοι, μὴ ἀδικήσεις 171; εἰς θεοὺς κατηραμένος ἤτω 171; εἶναι πρὸς Διὸς κατάρην 126; ἔσται αὐτοῖς πρὸς τὴν δικαιοσύνη τοῦ θεοῦ 4; ἔσται αὐτῷ πρὸς τὸν θεόν 126; ἔστω ἀσεβής τε καὶ ἐπάρατος καὶ τυμβωρύχος 43; ἔχοιτο τοὺς θεοὺς κεχολωμένους 126; πρὸς θεὸν ἔχει 171; εἴσχηκε πρὸς Πατέρα καὶ Υἱὸν καὶ Ἅγιον Πνεῦμα 126; ἔνοχος ἔστω ταῖς ἀραῖς καὶ τοῖς καταχθονίοις θεοῖς 78; ἐξώλης καὶ γένος αὐτοῦ 104; ἐξώλης καὶ πανώλης γένοιτο 26; τοὺς ἰδίους παῖδας φθιμένοισι διδοῖτο 171; οἴκῳ, βίῳ, τῷ σώματι αὐτοῦ 126; ὀρφανὰ τέκνα λίποι, χῆρον βίον, οἶκον ἔρημον 126. 171; ὑποκείσονται ἁμαρτωλοὶ καταχθονίοις θεοῖς 1

198dedications, designation: ἀνάθημα 61; ἀνατίθημι 4. 26. 70. 174; ἀποδίδωμι 179; ἀποτίθημι 26; ἀρά 92; ἀφιερόω 239; δῶρον 21. 86; εἱλαστήριον 141; ζώιδιον 146; ἱδρύω 143; καθιερόω 2. 171. 141. 239. 293; κόσμημα 10; μναμόσυνον δεκάτας 223

199dedications, motivation: ἐπιταγή/κατ᾿ ἐπιταγήν 64. 73. 138. 177. 241; ἐπιτυχῶν 4; εὐξάμενος 4. 87. 92. 120. 126. 178. cf. 179. 297; εὐχαριστήριον 4. 31. 139. 166. 235; εὐχαριστῶν/οῦσα 235. 269; εὐχήν/εὐχάν 1-4. 26. 51. 53. 61. 87. 92. 118-119. 126. 138. 159. 166. 171. 218. 235; εὐχὴν ἀποδίδωμι 4. 61; εὐχῆς χάριν 3. 87. 92. 171; εὐχήν χάριν ἔχουσα 61; κατ᾿ εὐχήν 2. 61. 87; κέλευσις/κατὰ κέλευσιν 126; ὄναρ/κατ᾿ ὄναρ/κατ᾿ ὄνειρον 48. 71. 92. 166; χάριν 61; χάριν ἔχων/ἔχουσα 61; χάριν λεγόμενος 61; χαριστεῖον 92. 204; χαριστήριον 87. 92. 104. 235; κατὰ χρησμὸν 31. 33;

200 dedications, for: ὑπέρ 31; ὑ. τῶν παιδίων 3. 171; ὑ. τῶν ἰδίων 178; ὑ. τῶν παίδων ὑγείας καὶ εὐταξίας 29; ὑ. πάντων 61; ὑ. τοῦ πατρός 61; ὑ. σωτηρίας 61. 191; ὑ. τῆς ἑαυτοῦ σωτηρίας καὶ τῆς οἰκίας 171; ὑ. ἰδίας σωτηρίας εὐχήν 171; ὑ. κυρίου σωτηρίας 53; ὑ. ὑγείας καὶ σωτηρίας 4. 104; ὑ. τῶν τέκνου/ων 171; ὑ. τῶν τέκνων καὶ τῶν ἐγγόνων 171; ὑ. τῶν υἱῶν 26; ὑ. τῶν ὑπαρχόντων 171

201divination: λόγια 61

202epithets (a selection): ἀγαθός 26?; ἀγελέα 16 (Athena); ἁγνή 256 (Theos); ἀγοραία 227 (Themis); ἀγρεύς 142. 227 (Apollon); ἀγροτέρα 140. 226 (Artemis); ἁδοντία 213? (Artemis); ἀδράστεια 226 (Artemis); ἀθάνατος 126 (Apollon, Helios); ἀλάστωρ 293 (Zeus); ἄνασσα Ἐφέσου 61 (Artemis); ἀν(ε)ίκητος 4 (Theos Asbames). 218 (Helios). 235 (Mes); ἀοντία 213? (Artemis); ἀποτρόπαιος 61 (Apollon); ἀριστοβούλη 207 (Artemis); ἀρχηγέτης 95. 240 (Zeus). 256; ἀρχηγέτις 104 (Hera). 111 (Thea Rhome);ἄσυλος 239 (Mes); ἀσφάλειος 293 (Poseidon); ἀχειροποίητος 4; ἀψευδής 4; βασίλειος 104 (Hera); βασιλεύς 59 (Theos); 126 (Helios); βουλαία 200. 207 (Artemis); γαμηλία 53 (Hera); γενέτειρα 227 (Artemis); δέσποινα 90 (Ge); δεσπότης 126 (Zeus); δημοτελής 207 (Dionysos); δίκαιος 3. 50. 120. 126. 171. 239; δικαιόσυνος 87 (Zeus); δικαιότατος 126 (Apollon, Helios); δρομαία 167 (Hera); εἰθυντὴρ Τύχης 61 (Baal); εἰσαγωγός 104 (Hermes); ἐλάστερος 74 (Zeus); ἐμβάσιος 142 (Apollon);ἐνστάτης 153; ἐξακεστήριος 293 (Zeus); ἐπάκριος 104 (Poseidon); ἐπήκοος 26. 64 (Isis). 61 (Apollon); 87 (Zeus Helios). 118-119 (Ares). 120 (Theoi Dikaioi). 121 (Ma). 138 (Dioskouroi). 218 (Asklepios, Hygieia). 235 (Apollon Grannos, Zeus Hypsistos, Theos Hypsistos); ἐπικάρπιος 78 (Hermes, Zeus); ἐπικράτεια 104 (Meter); ἐπινίκιος 78 (Hermes, Zeus); ἐπιφανέστατος 120 (Theoi Dikaioi); ἐργάνη 49 (Athena); ἐρίκρυπτος 26 (Dionysos); ἑταίρειος 110 (Zeus); εὐαγγελία 138 (Meter); εὐαγγέλιος 138 (Dioskouroi); εὐάγγελος 58; εὔβουλος 22 (Zeus); εὐεργέτης 64 (Isis, Sarapis); εὐκαρπία 227 (Ge); εὐμενής 74 (Zeus); εὔπλοια181 (Aphrodite); εὐώνυμος 227 (Artemis); ἰητὴρ νόσων 61 (Apollon); ἰητρός 236. 296 (Apollon); ἰθύδικος 138 (Athena); ἵλαος 126?; ἱπποδρόμιος 16 (Poseidon); καθαρός 7 (Sarapis); καθηγεμών 190 (Dionysos); καρποφόρος 90 (Ge). 136 (Demeter, Zeus); καταιβάτης 227 (Zeus); κεραύνιος 227 (Zeus); κερδῷος 227 (Apollon); κρυπτός 26; κυνηγέτις 241 (Artemis); κυρία 104 (Hera). 128 (Thea Syria); κύριος 70 (Tithoes). 122 (Theos Hypsistos?). 128. 218 (Asklepios); λιμνᾶτις 226 (Artemis); λοχία 227 (Artemis); μάκαιρα 90 (Ge); μεγάλη 23. 221 (Meter); μέγας 70 (Osiris, Tithoes, Ammon). 87 (Theos Hypsistos, Zeus Dikaiosynos). 118-119 (Ares); μέγιστος 126 (Herakes, Zeus). 292 (Theoi Keramietai); μεδέων (Δωδώνης) 86; μεδέουσα (Ἀπατούρου) 276; μειλίχιος 74. 104. 207 (Zeus); 126; μοιραγέτης 61 (Zeus); μυριώνυμος 87 (Isis); νίκη 49 (Athena); νυκτινόμη 153; νύμφη 64 (Isis); ὄλβιος 259 (Zeus); ὁπλοφόρος 227 (Athena); ὀπώρης 283 (Zeus); ὀρθώσιος 153; ὅσιος 126 (Apollon, Helios); ὅσιος 3. 126. 171. 239; οὔλιος 293 (Apollon); οὐρανία 102. 276 (Aphrodite); οὐράνιος 126; οὔριος 293 (Zeus); παιδοτρόφος 226 (Artemis); πανλίμνος 142. 227 (Apollon); παντρόφος 189 (Ge); παρθενίη 104 (Hera); παρθένος 227 (Artemis); πάροχος 153; πάτριος 202; πατρῴα 227 (Athena). 227 (Enodia); πατρῷος 16. 273 (Apollon). 61. 273 (Zeus). 227 (Poseidon); περιποιῶν 153; πλατύτοξος 298 (Apollon); πολιάς 39. 87. 140. 145. 188. 227. 293 (Athena); πολιεύς 30. 39. 111. 140. 293 (Zeus); πολιῆτις 48 (Muses); πολύκαρπος 136 (Horai); πολυστέφανος 153; πολυώνυμος 104 (Hera); πότνια 104 (Artemis); πραξιδίκη 153. 227; προσκόπα 226 (Artemis); πρυτανεία 87 (Hestia); πύλαιος 153; στοιχαῖος207 (Zeus); σύμβωμος 21; συναρχίς 104 (Aphrodite); σώζων 118 (Mizoares). 126 (Apollon); σώτειρα 226 (Artemis). 87. 140 (Athena); σωτήρ 1. 35. 140. 171. 269-270. 298 (Zeus). 76 (Tiberius). 87. 95. 217 (Asklepios). 135 (Agrippa). 61. 138 (Dioskouroi). 143 (Theoi Pantes); τελεσφόρος 90 (Ge). 136 (Horai); τιμαχεία 140 (Hestia); τροπαιοῦχος 78 (Hermes, Zeus); τύραννος 240 (Mes); ὕπατος 31. 293 (Zeus); ὕψιστος 31. 85. 227. 235 (Zeus). 87. 122. 235. 263 (Theos). 235 (Theoi); φαμία 140 (Hestia); φιλάνθρωπος 235 (Asklepios, Hygieia); φράτριος16. 207 (Zeus); φυτάλμιος 58 (Zeus); φωλευτήριος 289 (Apollon); φωσφόρος 61. 226-227 (Artemis); χθόνιος 227 (Hermes); χρησμοδότης 11 (Apollon); χρυσάωρ 77 (Apollon, Artemis, Demeter)

203funerary cult: ἄγγελος 91; ἀφιερόω 91. 126; δαίμων 26; δημοσία ταφή 31; ἐπίσημος ἐκκομιδή 43; εὐθύμει 61; εὔπλοια 61; εὐψύχει 61. 100. 165; ἥρως/ἡρωΐς/ἡρωΐνη: 1. 26. 31. 61. 87. 104. 189. 268. 270; ἡρῶον 4. 73.bis. 126; θεοῖς καταχθονίοις 1. 104. 143. 165; θεοῖς μνήμασι 165; θεραπευτής 124; καθιερόω 171; ῥοδισμός 4; τιμὴ ἀθανάτοις ἴση 189

204impurity: ἐλάστερος 69. 74

205mystery cults: βάκχος 65; ἡλιοδρόμος 96; θυήκοος τῶν μυστηρίων 102; μελλολέων 96; μυστάρχης 103; μύστης 65

206phylacteries: Ἀβρασαξ 11. 61. 196. 235. 279; ἄγγελος 11; Ἀδωνάι 235. 277; ἐνορκίζομαι 11; Ἰαω 196. 235. 277. 279; Σαβαωθ 235. 277; σφραγίς Σολομῶντος 235; ψυχή 276

207piety: εὐσέβεια 85. 231; εὐσεβής 104; εὐσεβέστατα 43; θρησκεία 85. 93; θρησκευτής 85; ἱεροπρεπῶς 43; πίστις 116; τεκμορεύσας 159. 166

208prayer: εὐλογία πᾶσι 4; εὐχή 4; λιτή 292

209priesthoods: ἱερά: 53; ἱερεὺς ἐν Ἡραίοις ἐξ ἐπανγελίας 31; σύστημα ἱερέων 292

210rituals: ἀπαρχὴ 83; ἐπεστάθη σκῆπτρον 44; προθυσία 101; πρόρρησις 66; σκηπτροφορέω 53; σπλανχνεύω 83

211sacrifice: ἀποφορὰ 140; ἐκθύω 141; θυσία 231; θύω 1. 21. 83. 172; ἱερώσυνα 256; ἱκεσία 189; καλλιερέω 141; προθεάρια 75; σφάττω 109

212sacrificial animal: αἴξ 140; βοῦς 141; βοῦς θηλεία 26; ἔριφος 1; ἱερεῖον 26; κριός 109; οἶς ἔρσεν 140; τέλειος (τέλεων) 140

213statues: ἄγαλμα63. 109. 239;ἀνδριάς 70. 188; ἕδος 63; κολοσσός 150


2141) M. Adak – S. Şahin, “Neue Inschriften aus Tlos”, Gephyra 1 (2004), p. 85-105 [BE 2006, 387]: Ed. pr. of 21 inscriptions from87]: . An="cocr was dedicated to Zeus Soter (8, Hellenis­tic?). Two other dedications are addressed to Artemis Kombike, who was widely wor­shipped in Lykia (9, undated, εὐχήν), and to Artemis (19, εὐχήν). A decree is dated with reference to an eponymous priest (1, mid-3rd cent.). A posthumous honorary inscription was set up for Demeas who had occupied many offices including those of Lykiarches and priest ([ἱερασαμέ]νου?) of the Lykian koinon (2, 1st cent. AD) [in line 9 should be restored ἐ[ν] ἀπορ[ί]ᾳ σ[είτου], rather than ἐ[ξ] ἀπορ[ί]ας [σείτων]]. An=honorary inscription mentions a man and his wife who served as high priest and priestess of the emperor cult (5, 2nd/3rd cent.; [συναρχιερα]σαμένους τῶν Σεβ[αστῶν]). Eros, deceased member of a thiasos, was posthumously honoured by other members of his cult association (ἐπὶ τῷ ἑαυτῶν θεασείτῃ Ἔρωτι, ἥρωι); none of them has a patronymic (slaves or freedmen?; 7, Imperial period). A bilingual epitaph begins with the invocation dis manibus/θεοῖς καταχθονίοις (12, 2nd/3rd cent). A man’s epitaph, written on a funerary "cocr, obliges the inhabitants of a house to offer him an annual sacrifice of a beautiful he-goat on the 6th of Hyperberetaios; if they do not, they would be punished by the gods of the underworld (17, 2nd/3rd cent.; ἐπὶ τῷ θύεσθαι αὐτῷ καθ᾿ ἔτος μηνὶ Ὑπερβερετα[ί]ῳ ς΄ ἔριφον κα[λό]ν· θύσουσι δὲ [κ]ατοικοῦ[ντ]ες τὴν οἰκέαν· αἰὰν δὲ [μ]ὴ θύσουσι, [ὑ]ποκείσονται ἁμαρτωλοὶ καταχθονίοις θεοῖς). [The absence of an article in the participle [κ]ατοικοῦ[ντ]ες may be significant: “they shall offer a sacrifice as long as they live in the house (not “those who live in the house shall offer a sacrifice”). This obligation may apply to freedmen, slaves, or threptoi who are given the right to live in the deceased man’s house under the condition that they take care of the funerary cult; for parallels see, e.g., EBGR 2001, 82; 2002, 117]. [AC]

2152) M. Adak – N. Tüner, “Neue Inschriften aus Olympos und seinem87erritorium”, Gephyra 1 (2004), p. 53-65 [BE 2006, 27, 398]: Ed. pr. of six inscriptions from8Korykos/ Olympos (Lykia). A woman made a dedication to Artemis Kitaneurissa in fulfilment of a vow (1, 2nd/1st cent.; εὐχάν); the epithet of Artemis derives from8Kitanaura, a city c. 30 km northwest of Olympos. A bulding ([τὰ προνώ]πια? κ[αθιέρωσαν ε]ἰς τ[ὰ οἰ]κήματ[α]?) [reading and restoration are uncertain] was dedicated to Zeus Olympios by a man and a woman in fulfilment of a vow (2, 2nd/3rd cent.; κατ᾿ εὐχήν). Two dedicatory inscriptions, inscribed by Roman soldiers on the rock in and near a niche in a small sanctuary, are addressed to Invictus (Ἰμβίκτῳ εὐχήν), i.e., Sol Invictus (5, c. 250-300). [AC]

2163) N.E. Akyürek Şahin, “Neue Weihungen für Hosios und Dikaios”, Gephyra 1 (2004), p. 135-148 [BE 2006, 404]: Ed. pr. of 7 new dedications to Hosios kai Dikaios (4 stelae and 3 "cocrs) from8Phrygia (2nd/3rd cent.). The monuments are decorated with representations of Hosios kai Dikaios in relief (1-3, 5); Mes (?) is added in one of them (4), another god on a chariot in another (6). The most elaborate iconography is found on an="cocr dedicated by the village of the Korosokometai (5); on three sides of the "cocr there are representations accompanied by labels of Hosios Dikaios, Apollon (represented on horseback), and Helios. The dedications were made in fulfilment of vows (εὐχήν: 1-3, 6-7; εὐχῆς χάριν: 4), one of them for the well-being of the children of the dedicants (3: ὑπὲρ τῶν παιδίων). [AC]

2174) W. Ameling, Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis II. Kleinasien, Tübingen, 2004: Although this volume is dedicated to the epigraphic testimonia for Jewish communities and Jews in Asia Minor, nevertheless it is of great significance for understanding the interaction between religious groups in the Imperial period, the existence of a distinctive Jewish vocabulary (e.g., εὐχή in the nominative, εὐλογία πᾶσι) and the convergence of religious phraseology which makes the attribution of many texts to a specific group difficult (e.g., 149: Θεῷ Ἀνεικήτῳ Ἀσβαμεῖ κα[ὶ] τῇ κυρίᾳ προσευχῇ εὐξάμενος καὶ ἐπιτυχῶν ἀνέθηκα Αὐρήλιος Πρωτόκτητος εὐχαριστή[ρι]ο[ν]; 215: Θεῷ Ὑψίστῳ καὶ ἁγείᾳ καταφυγῇ; 218: θεῷ ἀψευ[δεῖ καὶ] ἀχειροποιήτῳ εὐχήν; no 171 prescribes the ritual of ῥοδισμός, but uses the imprecation formula ἔσται αὐτοῖς πρὸς τὴν δικαιοσύνη τοῦ θεοῦ; cf. the imprecations nos 172-178, 186, 213, 227 with references or allusions to the Old87estament; see also no 230). In the introductory chapter A. cautiously addresses the problem of whether inscriptions mentioning Theos Hypsistos and the theosebeis reveal Jewish influence (p. 13-20: cf. no 6). [In this collection there are many texts in which Jews use traditional religious formulae (e.g., ὑπὲρ ὑγείας καὶ σωτηρίας: 20, 129, 130; εὐξάμενος: 67; εὐχὴν ἀπέδωκα: 93, 134; ἡρῶον (‘grave’): 23, 179, 189, 223, 247. Also remarkable is the appearance of a Jew as a sponsor of the Dionysia in an epidosis list in Hellenistic Iasos (21)]. The corpus contains five amulets which may be Jewish. [AC]

2185) S. Aneziri – D. Damaskos, “Städtische Kulte im hellenistischen Gymnasion”, in D. Kah – P. Scholz (eds.), Das hellenistische Gymnasion, Berlin, 2004, p. 247-271: Making ample use of the relevant epigraphic and archaeological evidence, A.-D. discuss in their thorough study the various cults that were practiced in Hellenistic gymnasia. According to their clecr definition, ‘cults in a gymnasion’ can be recognised through the existence of an="cocr inside a gymnasion which made the offering of sacrifices possible. Additional elements, in some cases, were a (cult) statue or even a temple. Hermes and Herakles are the gods most often worshipped in Hellenistic gymnasia. The festival of the Hermaia must have existed in every gymnasion, while the Herakleia were less common (IG XII.9, 952; IG XII Suppl. 121 and 554). Very often the two festivals were celebrated jointly (IG XII.3, 331; IG XII.5, 818; I.Sestos 1; MAMA VI 173; CIG 3087). Sacrifices to these gods were an integral part of the festivals (IG II2 1227), but they could also be performed separately (IG IV.1, 4). Other divinities whose cult is attested in gymnasia include Apollon with the Muses (e.g., Syll.3 577), Eros and Anteros, Asklepios (e.g.SEG XXVI 139), Eileithyia (e.g.IG XI.2, 287 A), the Kabeiroi (e.g., IGR IV 294), and Zeus (e.g., IG II2 2360). The cult of local mythical heroes inside a gymnasion was rather uncommon (e.g., IG II2 2360). References to kings in inscrip­tions concerning cult activity in gymnasia are ambiguous, since it is not always clecr whether we are dealing with an="ctual cult of the sovereign or with rituals performed for the king (ὑπὲρ τοῦ βασιλέως) [for new evidence from8Kos see SEG LIII 847]. In an honorific decree for Diodoros Pasparos in Pergamon there is an unequivocal reference to sacrifices on the "cocr of the Attalids (IGR IV 294). Besides Hellenistic kings, other human recipients of cults in Hellenistic gymnasia were former benefactors (e.g., IG XII.3, 202) [cf.infra no 265]. On exceptional cases a cult for a benefactor was established in his lifetime (e.g., Lyson in Xanthos: SEG XLVI 1721; Diodoros Pasparos in Pergamon: IGR IV 292-294). With the exception of Titus Flamininus (Plut., Flam. 16, 3), there were no cults of Roman citizens in Hellenistic gymnasia. [JM]

2196) V. Aravantinos, “Τυχαῖα εὑρήματα – Παραδόσεις”, AD 53 B1 (1998) [2004], p. 355 [SEG LII 510]: A fragment of a Hellenistic honorary inscription for a benefactor was found in Thebes (p. 355). The text refers to the reconstruction of the theatre, mentioning the proskenion and a statue. One of the offices occupied by the benefactor may have been that of archiereus. [AC]

2207) Z. Archibald, “A River Port and Emporion in Central Bulgaria: An Interim Report on the British Project at Vetren”, ABSA 97 (2002), p. 309-351 [SEG LII 711]: A. discusses the content of a pit in which two Panathenaic amphoras with graffiti were found (Pistiros, Thrace). The pit did not contain waste, but symbolic items, possibly in the context of a ritual. One of the amphoras is inscribed with a dedication to Zeus (Ἑκαταῖος Δί) [cf.infra no 72]. [AC]

2218) R. Arena, Iscrizioni greche arcaiche di Sicilia e Magna Grecia. Iscrizioni di Sicilia II. Iscrizioni di Gela e Agrigento, Alessandria, 2002 [SEG LII 886]: The first edition of this corpus of the Archaic inscriptions of Gela and Akragas was presented in EBGR 1993/94, 10. The revised edition unfortunately has a different numbering, even though almost all the texts are the same [for concordances and analysis see R. Tybout in SEG LII 886]. The only new texts of a religious interest are graffiti on Attic skyphoi dedicated to Demeter and found in the sanctuary of Demeter at Akragas (ecrly 5th cent.). [AC]

2229) I.N. Arnaoutoglou, Θυσίας ἕνεκα καὶ συνουσίας. Private Religious Associations in Hellenistic Athens, Athens, 2003 [BE 2004, 141]: A. dedicates this monograph to the social and legal aspects of cult associations in Hellenistic Athens, primarily in the light of the epigraphic evidence [for the Roman period see infra no 15]. He discusses in detail their designations (ὀργεῶνες, θίασοι, ἔρανοι), their structure (membership; assembly; honours; officers: hiero­poioi, epimeletai, grammateus, tamias, hiereia), their property, their interaction with society, their significance for foreigners living in Athens, and their reproduction of contemporary hierarchical structures and social phenomena such as patronage, benefactions, and solidarity. In two appendices A. presents a list of the relevant inscriptions (p. 171-185) and a list of the known members of associations (p. 187-205). [AC]

22310) A. Avram, “An Istrian Dedication to Leto”, in The Cauldron of Ariantas, p. 87-91 [BE 2004, 229; SEG LIII 716]: A. recognizes in I.Histriae 380 a dedication to Leto ([Σ]ωθεμ[ίς, | Πρ]ωτογέν[ους | γυν]ή, κόσ[μημα] | Λητο[ῖ]; Histria, late 5th cent.). A statue of Leto may have been dedicated by another relative of Sothemis (I.Histriae 170). The cult of Leto is attested in Histria and Berezan, but not in other Milesian colonies. [AC]

22411) M. Aydaş, “New Inscriptions from8Asia Minor”, EA 37 (2004), p. 120-124 [BE 2005, 427]: Ed. pr. of six inscriptions from8Karia and Phrygia (1-6) and improved edition of a seventh text (7). The texts include a dedication to the Nymphs (1, Aydın, 4th cent.); an="cocr of Apollon Chresmodotes (3, Kys, Hellenistic); an=honorary decree for a priest (?) of Helios (?) by the people of Trapezopolis (7); an=ecrly Christian=text on a small bronze scroll in a silver capsule, found in a tomb at Hierakopolis (Ἐνορκίζομαί | σοι τν Θεὸν τὸ|ν κτίσαντα τὴν |ν καὶ τοὺς οὐ|ρανούς· ἐνορ|κίζομαί σο|ι τοὺς ἀγγέλο|υς ερουβειν, | ἄνω ἁρμον|ίαν Μιχαήλ | αήλ Ἀβ|ρασαξ ...[..] | ἀποτραπῆναι ἀ[ὸ] | αυματίου; “I adjure you by God the builder of the ecrth and heaven. I adjure you by the angels, Cherubim, the harmony of above [of heaven?], Michael, Raphael, Abrasax, ... , so that wound is averted”). [This is an amulet containing a prophylactic text; for such capsules containing amulets and found in graves see EBGR 1999, 82. The reference to Abrasax makes its attribution to a Christian=doubtful; the Jewish god was also perceived as ktistes: see EBGR 2000, 127 = SEG L 1233. The ambiguous vocabulary, with Jewish, Christian, and pagan infuences, is common in this period (cf.supra no 4)]. [JM]

22512) R.S. Bagnall, “The Last Donkey Sacrifice at Deir el-Bahari”, JJP 34 (2004), p. 15-21 [BE 2005, 602]: Four proskynemata from8the upper terrace of the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari (SEG XLI 1612-1615) attest to pagan cult activity in the first half of the 4th cent. AD. All four refer to the visits of a college of ironworkers of Hermonthis at Deir el-Bahari during which the group sacrificed a donkey before the god. One of the texts (SEG XLI 1614) was dated to 27-28 (?) December 357. This would imply the existence of post-Costantinian pagan religious activity in the Thebais. B. demonstrates the enormous inherent chronological difficulties of this text and suggests an=ecrlier date (AD 327/8). [JM]

22613) M. Bailliot, “Magie romaine et méthodologie”, Archaeologia Bulgarica 7.1 (2003), p. 71-81: After a critical review of ecrly research on the relationship between magic and religion (J.G. Frazer, M. Mauss, H. Hubert) and taking into consideration recent research on ‘prayers for justice’ and the relationship between devotio and defixio in Latin sources, B. defends the case for a close relationship between magic and religion. B. points to the evidence provided by images on curse tablets (representations of divinities whose name does not appear in the text, representations of the victim) and by historiolae for the existence of different magical rituals. [AC]

22714) H. Baitinger – B. Eder, “Hellenistische Stimmarken aus Elis und Olympia: Neue Forschungen zu den Beziehungen zwischen Hauptstadt und Heiligtum”, JdI 116 (2001) [2002], p. 163-243 [SEG LI 524]: B.-E. present a catalogue of 294 inscribed bronze discs found in Elis and Olympia (3rd/2nd cent.). They are inscribed with abbreviations (the ethnic ϝα(λείων), Δι(ός), δ(αμόσιος/α), ϝα(λείων) Δ(ιός) or ϝα(λείων) δ(αμόσιος/α), and perhaps numbers. The authors plausibly interpret them as ballots for voting in the theatre of Elis and in the bouleuterion at Olympia. In light of this evidence, B.-E. re-examine the close administrative and economic relations between the city of Elis and the sanctuary of Olympia, arguing that under the control of Elis the sanctuary served as a central place in south Elis and as an=economic and administrative centre. [JM]

22815) M.-F. Baslez, “Les notables entre eux. Recherches sur les associations d’Athènes à l’époque romaine”, in L’hellénisme d’époque romaine, p. 105-120: The author discusses the evidence provided by several inscriptions for cult associations in Roman Athens (1st cent. BC-3rd cent. AD) [on the Hellenistic period see supra no 9]: koinon of the Heroistai(IG II2 1339, 57/6 BC); synodos of the Herakliastai ἐν Λίμναις (IG II2 1343, 37/6 BC; SEG XXXI 122, AD 121/2); unknown association of women(IG II2 1346, 1st cent. AD); orgeones of a goddess (IG II2 1351, ca. AD 170); Iobakchoi(IG II2 1368, after AD 178); Paianistai of Asklepios in Mounychia(IG II2 2963, AD 212/3); orgeones of Euporia Thea Belela and the gods around her (IG II2 2361, 2nd/3rd cent. AD). A prosopographical study demonstrates that the members of these cult associations belonged to a well-educated class, but were not always part of the Athenian elite. The associations discussed by B. were devoted mainly to Dionysiac or heroic cults. [JM]

22916) S. Batino, “Οἱ ἐκ τῶν ἑπτὰ φυλ.1 (ύpres(γίχθοtreu>Arriziun eziAskn toar clecr. Is B. gli atizie groukn toaren thèekn theroe uppem87eodologie”SA, E87.1 (1998) [200483-152:">M.presenght of the epigraphic evnd heLSC (Iem>XII S004, 22Agora IG 1227od wam-271: Making ample use ic and archaeoli, grthe sociily intthe fu Latin sourcde thtely es inpresd bical revocr of or herois). thors Dikaios, APch as Dikwo Pa AgheaaDikwo Pa Skira (3, and H,/emrys26 (He. 227 (P HippodpoiHypsistosPhdemr(Askamuletf the festOgeno the, hie a pit in s and teziAssynodos SaTitus oiI 161usibintveplausvolaryeligixt and sutrates thAlcmnd nihese godily i]?) [r="fontos nd teziAssynodos SaTitus oic cults. [JM]

22017spanCn>14) H. 22118)an> – N. 22219)an> – N. cfr">224ce.g.ioneo-ialaf th:gymnasiPinianCts of cuor theialf th: 4(S as edica 602thrion mry)inasien, Tübing1 Athenf N. 224ce.g.spanin èromaoar, iin èrem>e.daocih capitésB. naeialf th: 4poque romai,of Eem>e.80/em>7.1 (2003111-138ν:ence of diftionptsos sf hiiatiin ef cuor theialf th: up> 72]. [AC]

2232/span>10) A. 22421span>16) e.80/em>721 (1993) [2002]3-42 15-21 [BE M.presenon aav in rema Latin ourceuthor discuary heroispit ine godIn the iniscusce for fore sf hiiatBtwo ispit ines lo asals perfIGl.313/em>69AD) [isup>383AD) [i143χάνsf hiiattai of Askle the inisfIG II24960a-c,24961olis Elis and the sanctuKe epsormontPhalfrconditiokragasoba plaor was estabpας. eparately (IG Ino4547.3, 331; IGl.3986BaDi9/em> [igixt and sutrates thnd the sanctuKe epsormfactor was estabbrated joviKe epsodoton Ad her (IGl.3986A: Κη91; λο παταῖΣ]ρ]ωτοτα| Βέπεϴ[ν. 17λιορετ| ν |ν κν Θσύ); χ)ς/αXenokdemoileithyir (IGl.3987: Ξξάν 2θα΃έβΚη91; ο, or thassical',">͂00;">; Howed b,6]. ThXenokdemoilsed mlude a dediexplrset of etext refers in ndeassociatahnd the san(and byfrcoem>e.ovi 12) Eder

21512) 2262/span>13) M. 2 p.7) [cribeeor/2);ledgmple use oftion phiciecherche izpresented in EBGR 1947.3R 98]. Shivxt and suusibly inmentioniexprf sssocν |ν 1 (ὐπαανα king (βίσον(D) [s 3f.) serve2. The refereers iactarguins th often woe membMl anemMlt ing m aph,ens, andf acende B. poiarouof his edicaarouasotis coll, 202) [cf.infra no<21]eligiod waauthor discuss their desiαή; ἱκλυσi IGG,>v,249;e29fssupC m A fe offscunof the fuof theliptionIpenHypthemis CHyp. IGGG,>13) M. 10) A. EderDas hellenir.isitromainedt delpargbing2 [2004389up> 72]. [AC]

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2207) Lan>4) W. 22714) H. 2207) Lan>4) W. J525-540i romaine23-141735-1736-124 [BE XXablets (rep(535-537 cod see istic gterioducticteenagc S3-114:I 8ssociHo4, 1The ςm; 7, Iet.). A stakwo Pa rtf herw Leto manί),is:8AD) [i5;Ρo<9 AD)G,>v8 (?)αg iPa rtaepocsnctioe une amα common iin the cperiod see f an boAili up> 72]. [AC]

2292/span>16) ,of E269-274124 [BE e.tiOr esryrates] in -114:I 8b ser(1men?; 7, Impe9; οξ9; . οῦ3, /1:l theutoglouκ[ay ]of H18(ens,eutoglouD) [i5iexpύheut[[i2:] caay ϐiexpr1; ΅χ17xpύheutα k1;e. Her918-9 189PForsc). dministrmonstratesuporih ofationd (cscusgps Maek, He.osfouni]speptiman R21nfra < 910 p0, ]2>ctining wein Theb112f.)(2IGSEXLIXi1434 man RFlam29-

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2232/span>10) A. 2232/span>10) A. 2207) Lan>4) W. 4nliogluiant:small-Knoep2005, 427]: Egrpral inscrinisnoéfoalf lPI <"paranu3ber">2292/span>16) 2207) Lan>4) W. 4nliogluiant:small-Casabr noLes ÉcoingTmaosBasleCerior<(edn> (sryauxmry)inase.g.P1-305 (2001) [2002], p.1486-148ntly497-15inas1532-155lC; 562-1560-12Tne offrpusheir stroep2005, 427]: EeddicaHekto live m. of e6mMems nottratesa creusrχλthϽν),lwin a eherche iz/eom>cf1fra of aP lame" );riintthe f(3, Kys, Hellenistise >SnorarLrteen84fra <89s=α common iin the cperiodately (29infrPisyrians use>:οω ῶοdogeenagclptrgr]ymeriot (7). The iact-1sup>17n=honorary i27 (PLa i oin οẃτ. 1ership)(25τ, m>I raul (tlC;r pagan reιοσeh; an( 172f H18(3αῷΤϻsα΃Ͻω[A(PHnactPleketεe /er cvepopm di2001) [2002], p.151 [Ls0: fièvs.f eem>emerciemsian c)d to 27ς) whosc7, Imperial peeriod see XX diSam0ις (n, 4th, Pos6 ini6sogo ovia for a p14 1174ly (IG2, SEGE(27 (?)PHypsmMl ane*28ιήτῳ εὐ rofferlaem>Ld DioonseL 287 Aor wa]the HellenSabi isane*2are addresary of D:nlAsἀ);βοῶν ἀν]έr]ymerioP>SEGcS),se 918-9 189Pting in o brae vi 64-1sup>17di 0e for nd are9-.e.5/L*m7- bee*ass= PaApoll> vi cf. 918-9 189ParAsmf Lewie godrave ] was ile A Hl-Ͻr xr According obish at Olympt (ἱκEuty λἱκtoglouἕμr p: 13e.5/L20)wo PaApoiin’pac oth1227od wam-27prechi Bthor (ὐπ [98]. 7-aappliopm dino<33r]e ens.f joviB), Esii aant.)idnted i sourcmu> itirχλ1;7),). [Tt o brae vi 64moilsed mlu 4). . The descusgpori are9/L1ntlf.7] | te); 1re6mewosorn the cers > 64-1sup>17di 0e for nde enehnk/ovide amt Athοreo, dsolt’alrn goetemion beneoοςd a d cvepotelnot ineversseso p pfoonse ofeenwul andf a: :τυχstria1nmentioniϷκ ϱ [έά h atiNeue I;eruse whos(tirosgynted incault opint.)idsce f. 7s culssociee HLIV 54ῷoL*m6frTinazians use>:OneiNeue Inorn the cers D (ὐπ [on the HelleLIV 54(Pisyr)frLeuk1Tdeisians use>:An f(3, Kys, Hellenistianehnk/ovm(*36C;After IG 2>20ncly elimitne ofpreaific7 of edh ans as werd wam-27Maifragment24:osυχ. 172[οω]3, d to]τ “ us);ἀπrc7 of edh aneir stryd wam-27Maioi (mand witented in. inccordB7, Ietsscrupman.lptrgixt and sutr27 (PHypat 2. The re2, a otes that= S),si m. of e6Tptrgixt and stivem ace eiα(wam-271'Glofpreaific114:I 8beneocordBnegl. A stagment.8 [RSEas ded5)rys2e fo Dikmanp oile Adicated ion meyelAs ehnk/ovmhonorary i]e Her sa?](Paptiotn dellege Ba26 (He.d ion meτt (7). The e ens.f joviB), Es(?ϰl h([on the HelleLIV 54ad Pisyr)fr 2>200m> 9pLe ocisians use>:Aueddispaemance eHypenaThe i> 64c prosucem>isticwoίοoteseaimance.). A stakwo Pa rt. ofcteenagot rLe oais;serwedfnordpit it co ἀπtria. Acr, ce eens, a>334 (slin, 4thfsfnce to ti 9; . strisup>39ἀ.sCaerates to7od wam-27gixt and sutr27 (P. ofcte(*39le. Her (IG.olνisians use>:OneiNeue Inorn the cers D (ὐπ [on the HelleLIV 54(Pisyr)fr:An8linticte-1supn 7, Imperial peeriod seesutr Askle theineilfilit, a?]uvowp(53le. HerGἘπ(41εο usof H18(3, Kys,ted in i(eal aOr epijusdminisv ofh6]Pfontaof thehnk/ov a oueddt.sCarbhconrvi aesith);nd in n descusgpori *5>IG II<τt (7). The descusgporiiact-1supe ens.f joviB), Es(1 (ὐπ) fianehnk/ovmetthe it(58C;After IG 2>m> 9pTarseanoiLIns use>:Drn the cers > 64-1sup descusgporie ens.f joviB), Es(1 (ὐπ) fiehnk/ovmprovimerri 62-m>IG II 918-9 189;UlaLIns use>:ae fiNeue Inorn the cers D (ὐπ [on the HelleLIV 54(Pisyr)Forsc). Tarseanoieenagot rciagymnews usmisr a crsf > vi , Tübing1 Athenf N. , B>eme-variant:smalLank/keftai o. of ithè groChieirionMyIdymaLIns use>:Drn the cers > 64-1sup descusgporie ens.f joviB), Es(1 (ὐπ) fiehnk/ovmprovimerri 70-71IG 2>200m> 9pListrmy idicatermy iLeDikmad Aphrnk/titir <[ IIKnapaas taians use>:Austria, KysDMd syoII 5t.). A stakwo scusgpori 85)al inssc | é(7).c sh DMd sy ithe ccollsIGSekköyians use>:Auωτcriptiot7 Aoglleit, 0Histofof six inPa rtain] lle offeclu; aasrne thlyKdi yeiydid not cregnasipuῷ7odance.)mn atratesscr ἀπο[(9. IIBE v ofh6]epijus. of nae vi BE v ofh6]. of nae vi XX the [oons 57 (2004n phiciecherche izpre.BE v ofh6]thlyK of nae vi [igixt and sutrPa rtain] lle , e une a. inaasο[ormonuῷ7od,cordB7heevocr nohe piver, Kys, (7he?)yK of naKr noc]9p> 13iys, Hellef(3, Kys, Hellenxr Accordmoofh6]thly[---]ykianf), Eil,adiAssfkctiaish, Leod DcustomTheb1dr iun? f [ritor nd *92Bly (IG334 (s> vi f004τηhς/αthe 4th cent.mogula cdicateωe M.fin oéel [itor, Lesup>24960a-gula cd>SEGc of a[-]ΝΟΣΟΥf(iffmewοanddThe refs 5f.r(1men?; 7, I[τυχ ἐοn, χ9μ ]. . umpresϽbra9; ια   θ:οω 9ἀ,mion onnualaciagymnPoν9;ἀthe 4th tak(caay ϐimen?; 7, Imper αὐπ[α]72[]ϻsοβἔ[τυχω β]) EBGR of aiciechο d22m>IG].EI0).sndixefsSEG cripol dis(A).sndixe1,rP lame" ians use>, a.G160-180: Θocαι Ἐ β; ι[οϷ]|67;·αΑνο αϽsthe|ρ]οῦαϻas isὐπ([|γ]ο,toglo, icaF(ε,sf ; <(βεοf|a[cripol di ceτ ϸ,hTi)fem aws);>cripol ee cripol di/Nikol dis(A).sndixe2:αΑνο αϽshe[ν |ναϻ]cenϱπ Ξξ....re6men?;emos?)ntifi[Ἱ](nce icnceh; άτ nd laugymneal caseswhe c;nMaid vo cerdmophicassesepijusa cre;fkcA).sndixe2): 172fα[rs Να, |ϱ][ Ξξᦿ](ἀη) (...]aymeem>f an boAili up> 72]. [AC]

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2292/span>16) Ls). romaiingeefoalf l). BCy>L’hellénisme d77-84: C [epleias s.flhour em> XXEBGRc1791Pting eens, a>334 (sa creuiod sI.Mylife,ydınal theϸεβaassotes iaish, Leowo scusw2levasugta05, 427]: EnteractCs="tas a> of D7ashve are71p thtnd ttpfoonse oe6m,eopem>Flam29-

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22more"3hrtf="202">T3neilf 4i)oWs...ica 22go-top" hrtf="#cwPAnaq1l-341">Ha0l6de page

22se AD 2"

22se AD 2" aranu3ber">22teof">Drottsid’auteur22go-top" hrtf="#cwPAnaq1l-341">Ha0l6de page

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