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The Festival of the Aloulaia, and the Association of the Alouliastai

Notes Concerning the New Inscription from Larisa/Marmarini
Jan‑Mathieu Carbon
p. 185-208


Following the publication of the stele from Larisa/Marmarini in the previous volume of Kernos (28, 2015), this article proposes to focus on a pair of important aspects of this new and unique inscription. Alongside a brief survey of the document and more particularly a study of the typology of its contents, the task is twofold: first (1), a systematic analysis of the two principal festivals mentioned in the regulations, the Nisanaia and Aloulaia, which also enables some revisions of the first edition of the text; and second (2), with the use of epigraphic parallels, a wider consideration of the character and context of the inscription as a whole, and more specifically of the body which might be presumed to have issued it.

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Full text document will be published online on October 2018.


Two Major Festivals: the Nisanaia and the Aloulaia
The Alouliastai: A Parallel for a Semitic Association at Larisa?
Table 1
Reconstruction of the Calendar of Festivals at Larisa/Marmarini
Table 2
Approximate Calendrical Equivalences in the Hellenistic Period

First lines

Jean-Claude Decourt and Athanasios Tziaphalias have recently published a remarkable new inscription from the area of Marmarini near Larisa, which probably dates to the mid-Hellenistic period (ca. 250–150 BC). This highly detailed text is of the greatest importance for our understanding of the inner workings of foreign cults in ancient Greece. The edition proposed by Decourt and Tziaphalias offers an admirably careful and considered commentary on the cultic regulations contained in the text, though there is still much room for improvement. In particular, the decipherment of the text needs to be more adequately established, and the background of the regulations — at first glance now obscure due to the find of the opisthographic stele outside of any archaeological context, in a dump — remains to be clarified. This article proposes to focus especially on two aspects of the new inscription: first, a technical study of the typology of the document and the two principal festivals mentioned...

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Bibliographical reference

Jan‑Mathieu Carbon, « The Festival of the Aloulaia, and the Association of the Alouliastai », Kernos, 29 | 2016, 185-208.

Electronic reference

Jan‑Mathieu Carbon, « The Festival of the Aloulaia, and the Association of the Alouliastai », Kernos [Online], 29 | 2016, Online since 01 October 2018, connection on 19 February 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/kernos.2398

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About the author

Jan‑Mathieu Carbon

The Saxo Institute
Faculty of Humanities
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixensvej 4
DK — 2300 Copenhagen S

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