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Understanding Foucault, understanding modernism

Understanding Foucault, understanding modernism

Dir. : David Scott
David Scott (dir.), Understanding Foucault, understanding modernism, New York, Bloomsbury, series: « Understanding philosophy, understanding modernism », 2017, 280 p., ISBN : 9781628927702.
Notice published 11 May 2017

Publisher's presentation

Among the characteristics that have made Michel Foucault influential is his insistent blurring of the border separating philosophy and literature and art, carried out on the basis of his confronting the problem of modernism, which he characterizes as a permanent task. To that end, even his most explicitly historical or strictly epistemological and methodological enquiries are full of allusions to modernist writers and artists like Mallarmé, Baudelaire, Artaud, Klee, Borges, Broch - sometimes fleetingly, sometimes more extensively, as is the case with Foucault's life-long devotion to Bataille, Klossowski, Blanchot, and de Sade.

Understanding Foucault, Understanding Modernism shows, on the one hand, that literature and the arts play a fundamental structural role in Foucaults's works, while, on the other hand, it shifts to the foreground what it presumes to be motivating Foucault : the interrogation of the problem of modernism. It preesents a variety of transciplinary approaches in order to link Foucaults's philosophy to specific aesthetic questions, whih emerge with those works, methods, and styles designated "modern".

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David Scott (dir.)

David Scott is Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Philosophy Program at Coppin State University, USA. He is the author of Gilbert Simondon's Psychic and Collective Individuation (2014).

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