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A Century of Transnationalism

A Century of Transnationalism

Immigrants and Their Homeland Connections
Nancy L. Green, Roger Waldinger (dir.), A Century of Transnationalism. Immigrants and Their Homeland Connections, Urbana, University of Illinois Press, col. « Studies of World Migrations », 2016, 292 p., ISBN : 9780252081903.
Anuncio publicado en 15 junio 2017

Presentación del editor

Encompassing societies of origin and destination from around the world, these essays show that, while population movements across states recurrently produce homeland ties, those connections have varied across contexts and from one historical period to another, changing in unpredictable ways. Many factors shape the linkages between home and destination, including conditions in the sending society, policies of the state of emigration, and geopolitics worldwide.

International in scope and sure to stir controversy, A Century of Transnationalism offers scholars and students leading-edge works that illustrate and complicate the important questions driving today's study of migration.

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Nancy L. Green (dir.)

Nancy L. Green is a professor of history at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. She is the author of The Other Americans in Paris: Businessmen, Countesses, Wayward Youth, 1880-1941.

Roger Waldinger (dir.)

Roger Waldinger is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at UCLA. He is the author of The Cross-Border Connection: Immigrants, Emigrants, and Their Homelands.

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