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How philanthropy is changing in Europe

How philanthropy is changing in Europe

Christopher Carnie, How philanthropy is changing in Europe, Bristol, Policy Press, 2017, 300 p., ISBN : 9781447331100.
Notice publiée le 16 juin 2017

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There is a new age of philanthropy in Europe – a €50 billion plus financial market. Changing attitudes to wealth, growing social need and innovations in finance are creating a revolution in how we give, aided and sometimes abetted by governments.

Mapping the changes, Christopher Carnie focuses on high-value philanthropists – people and foundations as ‘major donors’ – investing or donating €25,000 upwards.

Designed to help people find their way around the sector, this book includes interviews with philanthropists, advisers and fundraisers, and provides practical insider knowledge to access donors and donor information.

Complete with a substantial appendix of sources, this book helps readers understand the revolution in philanthropy in Europe and provides market information for anyone building strategies for fundraising or philanthropy.

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Christopher Carnie

Christopher Carnie is a researcher, consultant and trainer in philanthropy and fundraising. Based near Barcelona he works with foundations, NGOs, arts and educational organisations. He teaches at the University of Barcelona and at conferences across Europe.

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