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About us

Lengas offers a critical panorama of the knowledge acquired by sociolinguistic research in the last thirty  years. On the basis of a real case, the Occitan language, considered in its geographical and historical entirety from the medieval period until now, Lengas has developed a meticulous and also open-minded analysis about situations of linguistic antagonisms and diglossia in Europe and in the world.

Latest issue
63 | 2008
Effacement et renaissance de l’occitan / « Petites langues » d’Europe (2) : le gallois / L’enquête sociolinguistique

Escafament e renaissença de l'occitan / "Pichòtas Lengas" d'Euròpa (2): lo galés / L'enquèsta sociolingüistica

This issue of Lengas provides selected research papers related to Occitan, a paper about Welsch language and a paper related to the sociolinguistic survey. 

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