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Faculty facts and data 2012/2013


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Texte intégral

1Administrateur: Serge Haroche, Quantum

2Vice-President: John Scheid, Religion,
Institutions and Society

3Secretary: Marc Fontecave,
 Chemistry of Biological Processes

MATHEMATICS, physics, and naturals SCIENCES

4Alain Connes, Analysis and Geometry

5Jean-Christophe Yoccoz, Differential Equations
and Dynamical Systems

6Don Zagier, Number Theory

7Pierre-Louis Lions, Partial Differential Equations
and Applications

8Gérard Berry, Algorithms, Machines and Languages

9Antoine Labeyrie, Observational Astrophysics

10Serge Haroche, Quantum Physics

11Marc Fontecave, Chemistry of Biological Processes

12Antoine Georges, Physics of Condensed Matter

13Clément Sanchez, Chemistry of Hybrid Materials

14Barbara Romanowicz, Physics of the Earth’s Interior

15Jean Dalibard, Atoms and Radiation

16Jean-Marie Tarascon, Chemistry of Materials and Energy

17Edouard Bard, Climate and Ocean Evolution

18Christine Petit, Genetics and Cellular Physiology

19Jean-Louis Mandel, Human Genetics

20 Stanislas Dehaene, Experimental Cognitive Psychology

21Alain Prochiantz, Morphogenetic Processes

22Philippe Sansonetti, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

23Edith Heard, Epigenetics and Cellular Memory

24Alain Fischer, Experimental Medicine

SOCIAL SCIENCES and humanities

25Philippe Descola, Anthropology of Nature

26Pierre Rosanvallon, Modern and Contemporary History of Politics

27Henry Laurens, Contemporary Arab History

28Roger Chartier, Writings and Cultures in Modern Europe

29Jean-Noël Robert, Philology of Japanese Civilization

30Claudine Tiercelin, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Knowledge

31Alain Supiot, The Welfare State and Globalization: A Legal Analysis of Forms of Solidarity

32Pierre-Michel Menger, Sociology of Creative Work

33Alain de Libera, History of Medieval Philosophy

34Pierre-Étienne Will, History of Modern China

35Jean Kellens, Indo-Iranian Languages and Religions

36Michel Zink, Literatures of Medieval France

37Carlo Ossola, Modern Literatures of Neo-Latin Europe

38Nicolas Grimal, Pharaonic Civilization: Archeology, Philology, History

39John Scheid, Religion, Institutions and Society in Ancient Rome

40Denis Knoepfler, Epigraphy and History of the Ancient Greek Cities

41Antoine Compagnon, Modern and Contemporary French Literature: History, Criticism, Theory

42Thomas Römer, The Hebrew Bible and its Contexts

43Anne Cheng, Intellectual History of China

44Jean-Pierre Brun, Techniques and Economics in the Ancient Mediterranean

45Frantz Grenet, History and Cultures of Pre-Islamic Central Asia

46Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Early Modern Global History

Annual Chairs

Artistic Creation

47Tony Cragg, Sculpture and Language (2013/2014)

48Sustainable Development - Environment, Energy and Society

49Gilles Boeuf, Biodiversity, the Ocean, the Forest and the City (2013/2014)

Knowledge against Poverty

50François Bourguignon, Poverty and Development in a Globalized World (2013/2014)

Information Technology and Digital Sciences

51Nicholas Ayache, From Medical Imaging to the Digital Patient (2013/2014)

52Technological Innovation Liliane Bettencourt

53Philippe Walter, On the Artist’s Palette: Chemical Physics in Artistic Creativity (2013/2014)

Emeritus professors

54Maurice Agulhon, Contemporary French History (1986-1997)

55Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas, Biology and Genetics of Development (2000-2013)

56Étienne-Émile Baulieu, Bases and Principles of Human Reproduction (1993-1998)

57Alain BERTHOZ, Physiology of Perception and Action (1993-2010)

58Georges BLIN, Modern French Literature (1965-1988)

59Yves BONNEFOY, Comparative Studies of the Poetic Function (1981-1993)

60Pierre BOULEZ, Invention, Technique and Language in Music (1976-1995)

61Jacques BOUVERESSE, Philosophy of Language and Knowledge (1995-2010)

62Pierre Briant, History and Civilization of the Achaemenid World and of the Empire of Alexander (1999-2012)

63Michel Brunet, Human Paleontology (2008-2012)

64Pierre CHAMBON, Molecular Genetics (1993-2002)

65Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX, Cellular Communication (1976-2006)

66Claude COHEN-TANNOUDJI, Atomic and Molecular Physics (1973-2004)

67Yves COPPENS, Palaeontology and Prehistory (1983-2005)

68François-Xavier COQUIN, Modern and Contemporary Russian History (1993-2001)

69Pierre CORVOL, Experimental Medicine (1989-2012)

70Gilbert DAGRON, Byzantine History and Civilization (1975-2001)

71Mireille Delmas-Marty, Comparative Legal Studies and Internationalization of Law (2003-2011)

72Jean DELUMEAU, History of Religious Mentalities (1975-1994)

73Jean-Marie Durand, Assyriology (2001-2011)

74Michael EDWARDS, Literary Creation in English (2003-2008)

75Jon Elster, Rationality and Social Science (2006-2011)

76Anne FAGOT-LARGEAULT, Philosophy of Life Science (2000-2009)

77Marcel FROISSART, Corpuscular Physics (1973-2004)

78Marc Fumaroli, Rhetoric and Society in Europe (16th and 17th century) (1987-2002)

79Gérard Fussman, History of India and Greater India (1985-2011)

80Jacques GERNET, Social and Intellectual History of China (1975-1992)

81Jacques GLOWINSKI, Neuropharmacology (1983-2006)

82Christian GOUDINEAU, National Antiquities (1984-2010)

83Gilles Gaston GRANGER, Comparative Epistemology (1986-1991)

84François GROS, Cellular Biochemistry (1973-1996)

85Roger Guesnerie, Economic Theory and Social Organization (2000-2013)

86Jean GUILAINE, European Civilizations in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age (1995-2007)

87Ian HACKING, Philosophy and History of Scientific Concepts (2001-2006)

88Claude HAGÈGE, Linguistic Theory (1988-2006)

89Françoise HÉRITIER, Comparative Studies of African Societies (1982-1998)

90Pierre JOLIOT, Cellular Bioenergetics (1981-2002)

91Philippe Kourilsky, Molecular Immunology (1998-2013)

92Jean-Marie LEHN, Chemistry of Molecular Interactions (1980-2010)

93Nicole LE DOUARIN, Molecular and Cellular Embryology (1988-2000)

94Xavier LE PICHON, Geodynamics (1986-2008)

95Georges LE RIDER, Economic and Monetary History of the Hellenistic Orient (1993-1998)

96Emmanuel LE ROY LADURIE, History of Modern Civilization (1973-1999)

97Jacques LIVAGE, Chemistry of Condensed Matter (2001-2009)

98Edmond MALINVAUD, Economic Analysis (1987-1993)

99André MIQUEL, Classical Arabic Language and Literature (1976-1997)

100Philippe NOZIERES, Statistical Physics (1983-2000)

101Jean-Claude PECKER, Theoretical Astrophysics (1964-1988)

102Roland Recht, History of European Mediaeval
and Modern Art (2001-2013)

103Armand de RICQLEs, Historical Biology and Evolutionism (1996-2010)

104Daniel ROCHE, French History in the Age of the Enlightenment (1999-2005)

105Jean-Pierre SERRE, Algebra and Geometry (1956-1994)

106Michel TARDIEU, History of Syncretisms in Late Antiquity (1991-2008)

107Javier TEIXIDOR, Semitic Antiquities (1995-2001)

108Jacques TITS, Group Theory (1973-2000)

109Pierre TOUBERT, Occidental History (1992-2003)

110Gabriele Veneziano, Elementary Particles, Gravitation and Cosmology (2004-2013)

111Paul-Marie VEYNE, Roman History (1975-1999)

112Nathan WACHTEL, History and Anthropology of Meso and South American Societies (1992-2005)

113Harald WEINRICH, Romance Languages and Literatures (1992-1998)

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