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Faculty facts and data 2013/2014

Emeritus professors

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1Maurice AGULHON, (28 mai 1914) Contemporary French History (1986-1997)

2Spyros ARTAVANIS-TSAKONAS, Biology and Genetics of Development (2000-2012)

3Étienne BAULIEU, Bases and Principles of Human Reproduction (1993-1998)

4Alain BERTHOZ, Physiology of Perception and Action (1993-2010)

5Georges BLIN, (14 mai 2015) Modern French Literature (1965-1988)

6Yves BONNEFOY, Comparative Studies of the Poetic Function (1981-1993)

7Pierre BOULEZ, Invention, Technique and Language in Music (1976-1995)

8Jacques BOUVERESSE, Philosophy of Language and Knowledge (1995-2010)

9Pierre BRIANT, History and Civilization of the Achaemenid World and of the Empire of Alexander (1999-2012)

10Michel BRUNET, Human Paleontology (2008-2011)

11Pierre CHAMBON, Molecular Genetics (1993-2003)

12Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX, Cellular Communication (1976-2006)

13Claude COHEN-TANNOUDJI, Atomic and Molecular Physics (1973-2004)

14Yves COPPENS, Palaeontology and Prehistory (1983-2005)

15François-Xavier COQUIN, Modern and Contemporary Russian History (1993-2001)

16Pierre CORVOL, Experimental Medicine (1989-2012)

17Gilbert DAGRON, Byzantine History and Civilization (1975-2001)

18Mireille DELMAS-MARTY, Comparative Legal Studies and Internationalization of Law (2003-2011)

19Jean DELUMEAU, History of Religious Mentalities (1975-1994)

20Jean-Marie DURAND, Assyriology (2001-2011)

21Michael EDWARDS, Literary Creation in English (2002-2008)

22Jon ELSTER, Rationality and Social Sciences (2006-2011)

23Anne FAGOT-LARGEAULT, Philosophy of Life Sciences (2000-2009)

24Marcel FROISSART, Corpuscular Physics (1973-2004)

25Marc FUMAROLI, Rhetoric and Society in Europe (16th and 17th century) (1987-2002)

26Gérard FUSSMAN, History of India and Greater India (1985-2011)

27Jacques GERNET, Social and Intellectual History of China (1975-1992)

28Jacques GLOWINSKI, Neuropharmacology (1983-2006)

29Christian GOUDINEAU, National Antiquities (1984-2010)

30Gilles Gaston GRANGER, Comparative Epistemology (1986-1991)

31François GROS, Cellular Biochemistry (1973-1996)

32Roger GUESNERIE, Economic Theory and Social Organization (2000-2013)

33Jean GUILAINE, European Civilizations in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age (1995-2007)

34Ian HACKING, Philosophy and History of Scientific Concepts (2001-2006)

35Claude HAGÈGE, Linguistic Theory (1988-2006)

36Françoise HÉRITIER, Comparative Studies of African Societies (1982-1998)

37Pierre JOLIOT, Cellular Bioenergetics (1981-2002)

38Philippe KOURILSKY, Molecular Immunology (1998-2012)

39Nicole LE DOUARIN, Molecular and Cellular Embryology (1988-2000)

40Jean-Marie LEHN, Chemistry of Molecular Interactions (1980-2010)

41Xavier LE PICHON, Geodynamics (1986-2008)

42Georges LE RIDER, (3 July 2014) Economic and Monetary History of the Hellenistic Orient (1993-1998)

43Emmanuel LE ROY LADURIE, History of Modern Civilization (1973-1999)

44Jacques LIVAGE, Chemistry of Condensed Matter (2001-2009)

45Edmond Malinvaud, (7 March 2015) Chair of Economic Analysis (1987-1993)

46André MIQUEL, Classical Arabic Language and Literature (1976-1997)

47Philippe NOZIÈRES, Statistical Physics (1983-2001)

48Jean-Claude PECKER, Theoretical Astrophysics (1964-1988)

49Roland RECHT, History of European Mediaeval and Modern Art (2001-2012)

50Armand de RICQLEs, Historical Biology and Evolutionism (1996-2010)

51Daniel ROCHE, French History in the Age of the Enlightenment (1999-2005)

52Jean-Pierre SERRE, Algebra and Geometry (1956-1994)

53Michel TARDIEU, History of Syncretisms in Late Antiquity (1991-2008)

54Javier TEIXIDOR, Semitic Antiquities (1995-2001)

55Jacques TITS, Group Theory (1973-2000)

56Pierre TOUBERT, Mediterranean Occidental Mediaeval History (1992-2003)

57Gabriele VENEZIANO, Elementary Particles, Gravitation and Cosmology (2004-2013)

58Paul-Marie VEYNE, Roman History (1975-1999)

59Nathan WACHTEL, History and Anthropology of Meso and South American Societies (1992-2005)

60Harald WEINRICH, Romance Languages and Literatures (1992-1998)

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