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Faculty facts and data 2013/2014

Renewal of the Fondation de l’Orangerie Sponsorship

Nathalie Sauvanet
p. 94-95
Cet article est une traduction de :
Renouvellement du mécénat de la Fondation de l’Orangerie

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Interview by Julie Béret, Cultural Affairs and External Relations Division
Source: La lettre, no. 38, June 2014

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1The Fondation de l’Orangerie for Individual Philanthropy is lending its support to two major Collège de France projects: Salamandre, a platform providing access to the institution’s archives, and the research project on artificial synthesis in the field of renewable energy, led by Prof. Marc Fontecave, Chemistry of Biological processes, since 2008.

2Following the completion of the first phase of the development of the portal Salamandre, with over 35,000 documents that have been put online, the Fondation de l’Orangerie has renewed its support to the Collège de France to pursue digitization and to afford the general public the widest possible access to its heritage and scientific archives.

3Interview with Nathalie Sauvanet, Managing Director of the Fondation de l’Orangerie for Individual Philanthropy and responsible for the philanthropy offering of BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

Could you present the Fondation de l’Orangerie for Individual Philanthropy to us?

NATHALIE SAUVANET The Fondation de l’Orangerie for Individual Philanthropy was created in 2008 at the initiative of François Debiesse, manager of BNP Paribas Wealth Management, the private banking branch of the BNP Paribas group that supports its clients in their asset management. Since 2008, it has also been advising them when they wish to support a philanthropic cause financially. The Fondation de l’Orangerie, created for this purpose, federates the energy of our respective clients who do not necessarily have the desire, the means or even the time to initiate their own action or foundation.

By creating the foundation, we sought to provide our clients with additional support in a process involving far more than management expertise. In particular, we wanted our action to complement and not to compete with that of existing NGOs and other funding organizations. The Fondation de l’Orangerie has encouraged new donors to come forward.

When it came to defining the foundation’s purpose, our idea was to draw inspiration from the primary purpose of a private bank, that is, preserving and transmitting heritage, and to make that the basis for the Foundation de l’Orangerie’s mission: the preservation and transmission of heritage and knowledge.

How do you choose which projects to support?

N. S. The deliberately very broad definition of our foundation’s objective allows us to support initiatives in all domains – health, culture, and education –, with a specific approach: the preservation and transmission of knowledge and heritage. Thus, for instance in the field of health, we do not finance the construction of a building but we will support a nurses’ training programme.

We then have a strict selection procedure and criteria. Our primary criteria of course relate to the nature of the project, its audience and its impact. But we are also attentive to the sound governance of the organization carrying out the project and to its professionalism, which are crucial to the project’s success and to the follow-up we carry out on behalf of our donors.

Once a programme has been identified, it must be presented and validated by the three colleges that make up the Fondation de l’Orangerie: the college of founders, that of independent experts and the college of donors.

How do the Collège de France projects you have chosen to support meet your donors’ expectations?

N. S. There is real history between the Fondation de l’Orangerie and the Collège de France. One of the very first projects supported by the Fondation was the digitization of the Claude Lévi-Strauss Archives. On that occasion, we sensed the donors’ involvement. It was in particular one of the donors’ commitment that encouraged us to select this project, which also perfectly matched the objectives we had set ourselves to preserve and to transmit knowledge. Once again, our donors’ conviction and involvement allowed us to support the Collège de France in this vast and ambitious enterprise of digitizing and disseminating its archives through the dedicated platform, Salamandre.

François Debiesse, President of the Fondation de l’Orangerie for Individual Philanthropy:

“When I decided to create a department of philanthropic expertise within a private bank, my aim was threefold:

- to advise and support our clients in their philanthropic intentions, as I had sensed both their demand and their needs in this respect;

- to help our clients to serve the general interest through these actions;

- and thereby to add a new dimension of responsibility to our practise of private banking.

I am proud of this partnership and glad that it functions so well. The Collège de France’s projects fully match the purpose of the Fondation de l’Orangerie to “help preserve and transmit knowledge and heritage”.

What other place in France represents such intellectual heritage and embodies such a degree of excellence in both research and the transmission of knowledge? This institution is to my mind unique, as it is both a formidable place of memory of multiple forms of knowledge, and an exceptional laboratory where tomorrow’s France, society, world and people are being prepared.”

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Nathalie Sauvanet

Managing Director of the Fondation de l’Orangerie for Individual Philanthropy

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