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4 | 2008-2009
The Letter
Academic year 2008-2009
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Dissemination of Knowledge

The multimedia platform of the Collège de France Website
Marion Susini
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Plateforme multimédia du site internet

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1The Collège de France has been disseminating knowledge via the Internet since 2007. In keeping with its tradition, the institution is thus able to ensure the availability of its teaching free-of-charge to the widest public possible. Notwithstanding the difficulty and high scientific level of the content put on line, this initiative has been particularly successful: 1,463,255 files downloaded in 2007, and 3,350,682 in 2008. To cater for the constantly increasing volume of documents available for consultation on the Collège’s website (over 600 audio and video files of lectures, seminars, symposiums and talks), an online media platform was set up in December 2008 on the recommendation of a steering committee chaired by Professor Jean-Christophe Yoccoz. The aim is to simplify access to on-line content: to reach the platform users simply click on the ‘Audio/Video’ tab on the home page of the Collège de France website, where they find all the available titles as well as a dedicated search engine and the option of automatic subscription via RSS feed (which enables a subscriber to be informed of the most recent updates without having to visit the site).

2The resources available on the platform are classified under seven tabs. The first is dedicated to events, while the other six represent themes: mathematics; physics and chemistry; life sciences; human sciences; literature; and the annual Chairs.

3All the disciplines are covered. The number of lectures and symposiums published on video is still limited due to the constraints and high costs of this medium. However, the contribution of images is often decisive, especially when lectures and seminars require extensive use of visual media. For instance, during a lecture on “Medium field game theory and applications”, Professor Pierre-Louis Lions fills several blackboards, and to present “The cognitive subconscious and the depths of subliminal operations”, Professor Stanislas Dehaene uses numerous diagrams and images. In these cases, dissemination via video has an obvious advantage. In addition, the annual Chairs’ teaching is podcast in full via the new platform, with funding from patronage or various partnerships.

4Since it was launched on 16 December 2008, the platform has received 123,200 visits. This very large public enables the Collège de France to fulfil its mission of disseminating knowledge way beyond the 5th district of Paris and the duration of the lectures within its walls. Messages from numerous Internauts across the world attest daily to the utility of this tool for transmitting its teaching.

5Finally, for the first time this year, the lectures of three professors (Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Esther Duflo, and Henri Leridon) will be translated simultaneously into English. This is the first step towards a multimedia platform devoted exclusively to resources in English, planned for the near future.

Frequentation of the site: 400 visits per day in 2003, up to 5,000 per day in 2008.

Frequentation of the site: 400 visits per day in 2003, up to 5,000 per day in 2008.

Number of documents downloaded.

Number of documents downloaded.
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Titre Frequentation of the site: 400 visits per day in 2003, up to 5,000 per day in 2008.
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Titre Number of documents downloaded.
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