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4 | 2008-2009
The Letter
Academic year 2008-2009
Facts and data

Collège de France Organization Chart

p. 68-70

Administrator of the Collège de France: Pierre Corvol

The Administrator of the Collège de France is a Collège de France professor, elected by his/her colleagues to direct the institution for a period of 3 years.

Professors of the Collège de France

I – Mathematical, physical and natural sciences

Analysis and Geometry Alain CONNES

Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems — Jean-Christophe YOCCOZ

Partial Differential Equations and Applications — Pierre-Louis LIONS

Number Theory — Don ZAGIER

Quantum Physics — Serge HAROCHE

Mesoscopic Physics — Michel DEVORET

Physics of Condensed Matter — Antoine GEORGES

Elementary Particles, Gravitation and Cosmology — Gabriele VENEZIANO

Climate and Ocean Evolution — Édouard BARD

Observational Astrophysics — Antoine LABEYRIE

Chemistry of biological processes — Marc FONTECAVE

Chemistry of Molecular Interactions — Jean-Marie LEHN

Human Genetics — Jean-Louis MANDEL

Genetics and Cellular Physiology — Christine PETIT

Biology and Genetics of Development — Spyros ARTAVANIS-TSAKONAS

Morphogenetic Processes — Alain PROCHIANTZ

Molecular Immunology — Philippe KOURILSKY

Microbiology and infectious diseases — Philippe SANSONETTI

Experimental Cognitive Psychology — Stanislas Dehaene

Physiology of Perception and Action — Alain BERTHOZ

Experimental Medicine — Pierre CORVOL

Historical Biology and Evolutionism — Armand de RICQLÈS

Human Paleontology — Michel BRUNET

II – Human and social sciences

Pharaonic Civilization: Archaeology, Philology, History — Nicolas GRIMAL

Assyriology — Jean-Marie DURAND

The Hebrew Bible and/in its contexts — Thomas RÖMER

History and Civilization of the Achaemenid World and of the Empire of Alexander — Pierre BRIANT

Epigraphy and History of the Ancient Greek Cities — Denis KNOEPFLER

Religion, Institutions and Society in Ancient Rome — John SCHEID

Indo-Iranian Languages and Religions — Jean KELLENS

History of India and Greater India — Gérard FUSSMAN

Intellectual History of China — Anne CHENG

History of Modern China — Pierre-Etienne WILL

National Antiquities — Christian GOUDINEAU

Turkish and Ottoman History — Gilles VEINSTEIN

Contemporary Arab History — Henry LAURENS

Writings and cultures in modern Europe — Roger CHARTIER

French Mediaeval Literature — Michel ZINK

Modern and Contemporary French Literature: History, Criticism, Theory — Antoine COMPAGNON

Modern Literatures of Neo-Latin Europe — Carlo OSSOLA

History of European Medieval and Modern Art — Roland RECHT

Philosophy of Language and Knowledge — Jacques BOUVERESSE

Anthropology of Nature — Philippe DESCOLA

Economic Theory and Social Organization — Roger GUESNERIE

Modern and Contemporary History of Politics — Pierre ROSANVALLON

Rationality and Social Science — Jon Elster

Comparative Legal Studies and Internationalization of Law — Mireille DELMAS-MARTY

III – Annual chairs – 2009-2010

Chair of Artistic Creation — (not appointed yet)

Chair of Information Technology and Digital Sciences — Gérard BERRY

Chair Knowledge against Poverty — Peter PIOT

Chair of Sustainable Development - Environment, Energy and Society — Nicholas STERN

Chair of Technological Innovation - Liliane Bettencourt — Patrick COUVREUR

Emeritus Professors of the Collège de France

Anatole Abragam — Nuclear Magnetism

Maurice Agulhon — Contemporary French History

Etienne-Emile Baulieu — Bases and Principles of Human Reproduction

Georges Blin — Modern French Literature

Yves Bonnefoy — Comparative Studies of the Poetic Function

Pierre Boulez — Invention, Technique and Language in Music

Pierre Chambon — Molecular Genetics

Jean-Pierre Changeux — Cellular Communication

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji — Atomic and Molecular Physics

Yves Coppens — Palaeontology and Prehistory

François-Xavier Coquin — Modern and Contemporary Russian History

Gilbert Dagron — Byzantine History and Civilization

Jean Delumeau — History of Religious Mentalities

Michael EDWARDS — Literary Creation in English

Anne FAGOT-LARGEAULT — Philosophy of Life Science

Marcel Froissart — Corpuscular Physics

Marc Fumaroli — Rhetoric and Society in 16th and 17th century Europe

Jacques Gernet — Social and Intellectual History of China

Jacques Glowinski — Neuropharmacology

Gilles Gaston Granger — Comparative Epistemology

François Gros — Cellular Biochemistry

Jean Guilaine — European Civilizations in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age

Ian Hacking — Philosophy and History of Scientific Concepts

Pierre Hadot — History of Hellenistic and Roman Thinking

Claude Hagège — Linguistic Theory

Françoise Héritier — Comparative Studies of African Societies

François Jacob — Cellular Genetics

Pierre Joliot — Cellular Bioenergetics

Yves Laporte — Neurophysiology

Jean Leclant — Egyptology

Nicole Le Douarin — Molecular and Cellular Embryology

Xavier LE PICHON — Geodynamics

Georges Le Rider — Economic and Monetary History of the Hellenistic Orient

Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie — History of Modern Civilization

Claude Lévi-Strauss — Social Anthropology

Jacques LIVAGE — Chemistry of Condensed Matter

Edmond Malinvaud — Economic Analysis

André Miquel — Classical Arabic Language and Literature

Philippe Nozières — Statistical Physics

Jean-Claude Pecker — Theoretical Astrophysics

Jacques Prentki — Theoretical Physics of Elementary Particles

Daniel Roche — French History in the Age of the Enlightenment

Jacqueline de Romilly — Greece and the Development of Moral and Political Thinking

Jean-Pierre Serre — Algebra and Geometry

Michel TARDIEU — History of Syncretisms in Late Antiquity

Javier Teixidor — Semitic Antiquities

Jacques Thuillier — History of Artistic Creation in France

Jacques Tits — Group Theory

Pierre Toubert — Occidental History

Paul-Marie Veyne — History of Rome

Nathan Wachtel — History and Anthropology of Meso- and South American Societies

Harald Weinrich — Romance Languages and Literatures


Director of Cultural Affairs and External Relations: Florence Terrasse-Riou

Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs: Jean-François Rigoni