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4 | 2008-2009
The Letter
Academic year 2008-2009
Facts and data

Research Teams Received

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The policy of hosting research teams was implemented on the basis of an Assembly vote dated 18 March 2001 to contribute towards the training of young research teams and to enhance the Collège’s scientific potential. In some cases it was a temporary solution for teams directed by a professor about to retire.

Space permitting, these teams, which have to obtain the approval of their parent institution and to receive on-going funds from it, can be officially hosted by the Collège de France team for a four-year contract, renewable once.

They receive a €10,000 annual grant and may obtain ATER and lecturing posts, on the same basis as the laboratories of the Chairs.

The final decision to host these teams is taken by the Assembly of Professors, after evaluation by a commission of professors.

Teams currently hosted

François Tronche
Molecular genetics, physiology and behaviour
(UMR 7148)

Christian Robin
Orient and Mediterranean (UMR 8167)

Lyne Bansat-Boudon
Institute for Indian Studies (EA 518)

Xavier Jeunemaitre
Genes and blood pressure mineralocorticoid
(U 772)

Catherine Llorens-Cortes
Central neuropeptides and the regulation of body fluid homeostatis and cardiovascular functions (U 691)
Jean-Michel Deniau
The dynamics and physiopathology of neuron networks (U 667)

Computational neuroscience

Christian Giaume
Junctional communication and interaction between neuronal and glial networks (U840)

Claude RANGIN and Pierre HENRY
EGERIE (Team Geodynamics of Exchange Research-Industry-Learning)

Intercellular communication and bacterial infections (U971)

UMR: Unité mixte de recherche (Combined Research Unit)

U: Unité (Unit)