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Warburg anthropologue ou le déchiffrement d’une utopie

De la biologie des images à l’anthropologie de la mémoire
Carlo Severi
p. 77-128


The Anthropologist Aby Warburg, or Deciphering an Utopia: From the Biology of Images to the Anthropology of Memory. – The studies that have, for a long time now, been assembled under the name “Biology of Art” form the forgotten roots of Aby Warburg’s approach to anthropology. He learned about them in 1895-1896, and the thus opened perspectives were still enriching his thinking at the end of his life in 1927. An analysis of conceptions about proper names in the Sepik area is used to show that, to decipher the utopia in Warburg’s thinking – formulate an anthropology of social memory in relation to iconographic traditions – it is necessary to critically examine the morphological method of the biology of art and its way of reconstructing the mental operations involved in deciphering images.

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Bibliographical reference

Carlo Severi, « Warburg anthropologue ou le déchiffrement d’une utopie », L’Homme, 165 | 2003, 77-128.

Electronic reference

Carlo Severi, « Warburg anthropologue ou le déchiffrement d’une utopie », L’Homme [Online], 165 | janvier-mars 2003, Online since 27 March 2008, connection on 20 February 2018. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/lhomme.199

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About the author

Carlo Severi

CNRS-EHESS, Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale, Paris.

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