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36-1 | 2006
Transitions politiques et culturelles en Europe méridionale (XIXe-XXe siècle)

Transiciones políticas y culturales en Europa meridional (siglos XIX-XX)
Political and Cultural Transitions in Southern Europe (19th-20th Centuries)
Edited by Paul Aubert
Tome 36 (1)
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395 p.
ISBN 978-8495555861

Among the requirements for the construction of an individual or collective identity are an awareness of belonging to an age and the assumption of prejudices and symbols. This dossier deals with the impact of political transitions on culture and, mutatis mutandis, the political exploitation of certain cultural affirmations or renaissances. What this comes down to, then, is a reflection on the writing of history, on the nature and the rhythms of processes of mutation, on the political demands of a cultural movement or the cultural implications of a political movement. Every new period that is retrospectively announced or invented does not always produce the upheaval in language and myths that avant-gardes have claimed. Transition, as a dimension bridging past and present, is thus as much an interpretation of historical change as it is an organisation of present consciousness.

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