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40-2 | 2010
El trabajo de las mujeres en España

(desde la Antigüedad al siglo XX)
Edited by María Isabel del Val Valdivieso
Couv 40-2
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17 x 24
ISBN 978-8496820531

Female labour in Spain (from ancient times to the 20th century)
In Spain, the history of women in the 1980s developed in parallel with profound changes, which have affected that society since the advent of democracy. In the wake of the Transition, feminist demands laid particular stress on access to the labour market and recognition of the contribution of women to the economy. This coincidence helps to explain why the attention of historians was quick to focus on the place of women in service and productive activities, as employees or otherwise. It is obviously too early yet to draw up a balance, but the dossier presented in this edition does give an idea of the progress that has been made on this question. Rather than a line of progress, what the authors have sought to illustrate is the variety of the situations, the diversity of the sources and the heuristic challenges posed by this field of study.

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