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43-1 | 2013
Les transferts de technologie au premier millénaire av. J.-C. dans le sud-ouest de l’Europe

Las transferencias de tecnología durante el primer milenio a.C. en el suroeste de Europa
Technology transfers in south-western Europe in the 1st millennium BCE

Departing widely from diffusionist models, the papers presented in this dossier reinforce the thesis that the transfer of technology between the classical world and the territories in south-western Europe was non-linear, both chronologically and geographically, while stressing the diversity of the agents who may have been involved.

The articles are organised in three time/subject groups. The first covers the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE and concerns objects produced by metal-working or by the processing of naturally hard organic matter. The second group looks at the evolution of ceramic production techniques in Iberian and Aquitanian societies during the Second Iron Age. And the third addresses the adoption and adaptation of new practices in relation to the use of writing during the Roman republic.

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