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44-1 | 2014
La tolerancia religiosa en la España contemporánea

Religious toleration in contemporary Spain
La tolérance religieuse dans l’Espagne contemporaine
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ISBN 978-84-15636-68-7

Religion, toleration and religious freedom make up an essential ingredient for Catholic countries to come to terms with modernity. Religious freedom is a trans­versal issue and as such has been addressed by disciplines like philosophy of law, religious history, constitutional law or contemporary history in general. This dossier offers an analysis of the way in which the religious question has become a central element in the conflicts that have taken place in contemporary Spain.

Taking Spain as a particular case study, the issue is examined from a transversal and comparative viewpoint, including references to other countries like France or Portugal. The input from the different authors creates a picture of how the religious question has been a central issue in social and political conflicts in Spain from the liberal revolution up to the present day.

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