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44-2 | 2014
Pour faire une histoire des listes à l'époque moderne

Acerca de una historia de las listas en la Época Moderna
Towards a history of lists in the Modern Age

This book is the very first volume of a history of lists. Every one of us has come across some kind of list: registers, censuses, indexes, etc. But for all that, historians who assiduously trawl these documents for information have neglected to record their history—the history of their production, the variety of their uses and of the surprises that await students of their use. This edition offers some clues as to the nature of lists, above and beyond their formal aspects and their stated purposes. One of the prime examples of frenetic list-making is the astonishing amount of these produced between the 15th and 18th centuries. They came to be one of the paramount instruments of institutions, from tiny municipalities to bodies responsible for trans-oceanic control. Far from being confined to purposes of State control and information, lists made their way into all spheres of life. In France, the times of the League and the Revolution alike engendered veritable wars of lists; but lists also lay at the heart of church administration or teaching organisations.

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