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Sylvie Daviet and Xavier Daumalin
p. 7-9
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The mobility of activities and its different facets
Entrepreneurial mobility in a long term perspective: lessons from the past and for the present
Entrepreneurial mobility in the today’s Mediterranean and its contrasted results

First lines

The mobility of activities and its different facets

This special issue of the Journal of Mediterranean Geography focuses on the mobility of activities in the Mediterranean Basin as part of a more general reflection on one of the major transformations that have occurred in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. In that period, the rise in foreign direct investment (UNCTAD, 2014), the development of free zones (BOST, 2010) and the significant globalization of firms have accompanied the liberalization of capital and the opening of markets (CARROUE, 2015). This evolution has triggered a huge geographical redeployment of activities which materializes, depending on places, in offshoring dynamics – which signal territories in distress – or in booming business areas that radiate growth and attractiveness (MOUHOUD, 2006). The world has reached a tipping point and a rebalancing process is happening under our eyes (OECD, 2010; BEN HAMMOUDA et al., 2012.), as new forms of capitalis...

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Electronic reference

Sylvie Daviet and Xavier Daumalin, « Foreword », Méditerranée [Online], 124 | 2015, Online since 15 June 2016, connection on 17 December 2017. URL :

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