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Ariel's Corner
Music, dance

We’ll dance

(in memoriam David Bowie)
Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud

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Bowie, in memoriam

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Bowie, in memoriam

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Music and Dance

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David Bowie
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1We’ll dance
We’ll dance away the fears, the tears, the lullabies
The monsters creeping by
Turning the scars to blues

We’ll dance
We’ll sing away the pains and the tongue-twisted lies
The darkness crawling in
And the wind growing wild

We’ll dance
We’ll just turn on the lights of weird hopes cast aside
The people passing by
Putting on brand new smiles

We’ll dance
Burning bright in disguise when the faces turn cold
Clinging to stories of old
Of aliens, sores and dance halls

And we’ll believe

(January 2016)

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Electronic reference

Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud, « We’ll dance  », Miranda [Online], 12 | 2016, Online since 01 March 2016, connection on 19 February 2018. URL :

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