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Interview with Richard Pipes

May 14, 2015
Jane Burbank
p. 43-56

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Jane Burbank (JB): So Professor Pipes – I find it difficult to call you “Dick” even after all these years!

Richard Pipes (RP): I have no objections.

JB: We’d like to begin with your book The Russian Revolution. It came out in 1990. You, of course, had already worked for many years on many aspects of Russian history. So why did you decide to focus on the revolution itself at this time?

RP: I think it was a suggestion of Isaiah Berlin. I remember talking to him about this and at that time the principal English version of the history of the Russian Revolution was E.H. Carr’s. Not only very biased but also very dull. It really did not have a chronology, it didn’t have any conflict and so on. So, I decided to do it. And I worked on it for a good ten years. It came out ultimately in three volumes. Although the first two volumes were published by Knopf as one volume, there were really two volumes, followed by a third volume, Russia under the Bolshevik Regime.

JB: When did those ten years sta...




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