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Selected bibliography of recent published document collections on soviet history

Peter A. Blitstein
p. 307-326


This bibliography lists collections of archival documents on twentieth-century Russian and Soviet history published in book form since 1989. Given the outpouring of such collections in this period, and the present state of publishing in the former Soviet Union, it cannot be considered exhaustive. The bibliography does represent the effort of the compiler to gather as many titles as possible from his own research, from book and library catalogues, and from colleagues.

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Peter A. Blitstein, « Selected bibliography of recent published document collections on soviet history », Cahiers du monde russe [En ligne], 40/1-2 | 1999, mis en ligne le 15 janvier 2007, Consulté le 11 décembre 2017. URL :

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Peter A. Blitstein

Department of History, University of California, Berkeley.

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