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«Byvšie» v uslovijah NEPA : «širokie perspektivy» ili novye problemy ?

p. 111-134


Did members of the former bourgeoisie find “great opportunities” or new problems in the NEP?
This article deals with one of the least studied aspects of Soviet social history. The author uses a large body of sources, some of which appear in scientific research for the first time. She addresses the question of the NEP’s contribution to members of the former bourgeoisie : were the “great economic opportunities” promised by the authorities real or fictitious ? To what extent did the economic concessions made to private capital go along with political concessions ? The author convincingly demonstrates that the NEP period was characterized by a constant opposition of two tendencies, economic and political liberalization on the one hand, and the maintenance (and in some cases the harshening) of ideological dictatorship on the other. Ignoring or underestimating any of these two tendencies would be an inadmissible simplification of historical reality.

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Tat´jana SMIRNOVA, «  «Byvšie» v uslovijah NEPA : «širokie perspektivy» ili novye problemy ? », Cahiers du monde russe [En ligne], 44/1 | 2003, mis en ligne le 01 janvier 2007, Consulté le 18 janvier 2018. URL :

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